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  • Sarah Ahmad

Yardworks Festival 2018, Glasgow

Earlier in May, I went to SWG3 in Glasgow to visit the Yardworks Festival. Tickets were £5.16 and I bought mine online, but this can be bought at the door too. I was just a little to excited and wanted to secure my tickets beforehand. So, this festival had 120 talented street artists, internationals and local, who attended and painted the walls of the warehouse, filling the area with energy and colour on a gorgeous sunny and warm day. A great way to celebrate graffiti and the arts with individuals across Europe and the UK.

Here are some photos from when the artists were working on their amazing creations.

Chelsea Frew is a Glasgow based illustrator. She has done a lot of artwork that I really enjoy and admire. Here she is making a mural called "Let Women Flourish".

It's incredibly interesting to watch artists at work. The processes they plan and go through for all their graffiti and murals were diverse and different for each artist, and it was just cool to witness it happening.

Before we go on to admire the art work, I'd like to comment on the food! There were a few food choices, and not a lot unfortunately. One of them being Firedog, which serves massive hot dogs! Seeing as they had a long queue, I queued up with my pal and was expecting a hot dog that had ... I don't know ... a wow-factor? I had the True Romance which consisted of an XXL imported sausage (of, I assume, pork?) covered in Jalapeno Cheese and Crispy Bacon. If I remember correctly, this was £6 for a pretty big hot dog however, I was not all that impressed by it. The cheese was not spicy and had no Jalapeno flavour in it whatsoever, and they were definitely rationing the bacon, which wasn't even crispy! So, i'm not sure if I'll revisit Firedog the next time I see them again. But maybe, if I decide to give them a second chance, I'll try a different hotdog, one packed with toppings. There was also a cocktail bar! And I had a Passionfruit Daiquiri (£6.50) with Bacardi as the base of the drink. It was a simple drink, but was perfect for the warm day! Alright, now lets continue admiring the artwork!

This artist had the steadiest hand ever! The words "Choo Chew" was hand painted!! Such a display of amazing talents and skills!

The Yardworks Festival was awesome and it lasts the whole weekend. It is an annual event, so when they return next year, you should definitely grab a ticket with some pals and head down to SWG3, eat some food, have some drinks and admire the artwork being created right in front of your eyes! On a sunny day, it's a perfect activity for family and friends!

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