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Traditional bakes with a modern twist at The Hainan Story Bakery in Bukit Panjang

If you love bread, this is for you.

The Hainan Story first popped up on my radar when I happened to stroll past its dining area in Hillion Mall – it soon became my go-to for a quick meal, given its vicinity to my residence.

This old school diner has expanded its concept to include The Hainan Story Bakery, a standalone Hainanese bakery for bread lovers in Bukit Panjang. Expect locally-inspired flavours with Hainanese influence, when you browse the bakes and breads here – think Swiss rolls, kueh, classic buns, sourdough bombs and even sourdough pizzas.

The must-try bread at The Hainan Story Bakery is the Hainanese Curry Sourdough Bomb ($19.90). Tear apart the crispy crust of this hefty sourdough bread bowl, and you’ll be rewarded with a generous amount of luscious Hainanese curry chicken.

I dug into this addictively delicious bread bowl with my hands, and made sure to mop up every last bit of the curry with the bread.

Of course, The Hainan Story Bakery has many other breads and bakes if you’re not into curry, or want smaller portions.

For a sweet treat, try the box sets of Mini Swiss Rolls ($10). These come in classic flavours like Premium Belgian Chocolate, and locally-inspired flavours such as the Teh Susu, Ondeh Ondeh and Orh Nee.

Priced individually at $2.50, these fluffy rolls with luscious cream filling are great for breakfast, tea break, or even gifting.

My favourite is the Orh Nee, which wasn’t too sweet and had just the right amount of yam fragrance.

I’d also recommend buying some of the breads home for breakfast the next day – these Hainanese breads are baked fresh daily.

The Hainanese Curry Chicken Polo Bun ($3.80) brings us the thick, indulgent curry from the bread bomb, but encased in a fluffy bun with polo crust. Of course, you can also get the original Hainanese Classic Curry Chicken Bun ($2.80) if you prefer soft fluffy buns all the way.

Two locally-inspired buns are the Uncle Otah Bun ($2.80) and the Bak Kwa Pork Floss Bun ($3.80). The otah bun is topped with homemade mackerel fish otah from Uncle Otah in Joo Chiat, with mayonnaise and rosemary.

I really liked the Bak Kwa Pork Floss Bun – it comes with a whole slice of bak kwa, and plenty of pork floss sprinkled over the bun. The sweet and savoury barbecued meat went together really well with fluffy pork floss.

If you want some small bites, the Mini Buns ($1.90 each) are the perfect size. One of the interesting flavours you should try is the Orh Nee Pork Floss Bun. Yes, you read it right. It may sound strange, but somehow the combination of smooth creamy orh nee and savoury fluffy pork floss works.

The Hainanese Kopi Nutella Crispy Crust Bun is a twist on the usual coffee buns you can get at bakeries. With a coffee-flavoured crust and indulgent Nutella filling, this is what you need for a sweet afternoon treat.

Other mini bun flavours include Ondeh Ondeh Coconut Pandan Crispy Crust Bun, Azuki Red Bean, Custard, Pork Luncheon Meat and Croque Monsieur.

The next time I’m around Hillion Mall thinking of what to buy for breakfast tomorrow, you can bet I’ll be making a trip to The Hainan Story Bakery.

The Hainan Story Bakery (Hillion Mall)

17 Petir Road, Hillion Mall, #01-43, Singapore 678278

8am – 9pm daily

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