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Three Buns, Robertson Quay

Not many burgers have the ability to truly blow my mind, the last time that happened was when I tried Hans Im Glück when it first came to Singapore last year. I couldn’t be happier to find another burger joint that was able to take my breath away the way Three Buns by Potato Head did.

Three Buns isn’t new to the scene, their award-winning burgers have been in Singapore for a few years at Potato Head, but this is their first stand-alone burger place in Singapore, and with it, a few new burgers exclusively at Robertson Quay.

Potato Head family ethos of “Good Times, Do Good” is represented throughout the restaurant. The walls and tables are made of recycled woods, the choice of limiting single-use plastics like straws, to reducing food wastage. Almost every component of each dish is made from scratch, and you can absolutely tell. Every bite, every flavour, every ingredient was distinct and immaculate.

There are a whole lot of options available but here are some of my favourites.

It’s unreasonable to compare the two but Red Man ($28) is what I wished the rendang burger at McDonald's would be. Stewed for two hours, then sous vide for another 24, the beef cheeks patty will melt in your mouth. The overflowing sauce was a balance of sweet and spicy, coupled with the incredibly tender beef cheeks made it a step above the typical burger.

The Smokin’ B-Boy ($23) is a quintessential western burger elevated to penthouse status. The blend of their BBQ ketchup, smoky mayo and cheese were perfect. It’s a small detail, but the bacon streaks were so crispy they broke off with each bite. It’s one of my pet peeves when the bacon’s so tough you pull out an entire streak with a bite. That’s a big win in my books and one of my favourites.

But without doubt my favourite was Da Cheese Master ($15). Inspired by a “dirty old-fashioned truck stop burger”, you won't find any bells or whistles with this one. Just a good 'ol cheeseburger made with the best ingredients and perfection. The patty was the perfectly juicy and medium rare, every flavour blends yet distinct. An item so simple that’s done so well, makes you wish every burger would taste like this.

While the vegan burgers at Hans Im Glück aimed to recreate the taste and texture of a burger, the Truffello ($15) at Three Buns is almost like having a salad in burger form. Even if you’re more of a carnivore like I am, this was just as good as any meat filled burger. Refreshing with a hint of peppery smokiness, the portobello “patty” was just as juicy, and the truffle was prominent without overbearing.

If you fancy something other than burgers, Three Buns have a slew of other options. Even though the burgers really stole the show for me, the same impeccable quality and taste is unmistakable. Some of my highlights are the Truffle Hound ($15) topped with a mouth watering melted truffle cheese, or the Naughty Fries Jnr. ($9) that gives me mexican beef chili fries vibes.

Or come for weekend brunch for dishes like Ronnie ($19) which is an upgraded take on the Egg McMuffin, and Beet It ($17) with classic smoked salmon topped with beetroot and horseradish remoulade.

Wash everything down with a refreshing cocktail, or a thick, boozy milkshake. My fave cocktail had got to be Royal Gin and Juice ($18) with Hendricks gin, Pineapple juice, Prosecco, a great balance of bittersweet tang that was both refreshing and tantalizing. But Aye Sailor ($18), a combination of homemade chocolate ice cream with Sailor Jerry spiced rum couldn’t appease me more.

With so many subpar burgers out there, Three Buns truly knocks it out of the park with their quality and craft. If you like a good burger, make sure to drop by and have a taste of what burgers can truly taste like.

Three Buns

60 Robertson Quay

Singapore 238252

Opening Hours:

Tuesday to Friday:

5 PM to 12 AM

Saturday and Sunday

10 AM to 12 AM

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