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The Red Chamber KL, Taman OUG

When it comes to speakeasies, you would imagine walking in to find overpriced cocktails and a pretentious vibe. But that’s definitely not the case at The Red Chamber, KL. The Red Chamber is a speakeasy that exudes a chilled out, vintage Asian vibe.

Here, you will find cocktails, craft beers and a laidback vibe you’ll feel comfortable spending hours enjoying.

Craft beers here are aplenty from IPAs to darker stouts. We loved the variety here but I gravitated to my usual Hitachino and the like. However, the owners had some recommendations which I loved as well.

After we were done with craft beers, we sampled their cocktails. This is the 寂寞 cocktail, which means lonely, is RM26. A citrus-based cocktail, this refreshing drink is the perfect balance of sour and sweet. The salt on the rim also gives it another dimension of flavour that we enjoyed immensely.

Next up, we had the 夜不睡 (RM26), which is translated to sleepless night. As you can guess, the main ingredient for this is coffee, hence the name. It is laced with crushed peanuts and peanut butter, giving the overall texture a rich, creamy finish. Topped off with toasted marshmallows, this is every sweet tooth’s dream.

We also got to try 半只狗 (RM35), translated literally as half a dog. When I asked for an explanation for the name, it was quite simply that a customer had walked in one evening, the mixologist concocted this drink and they named it together. Isn’t that what makes all these neighbourhood joints so special?

Next, we tried the 李清照 (RM26), which is a lime base drink. The lime gives this drink a kick because of how sour it comes off as, but if you like sour drinks, this one is for you. Derrick, the mixologist here, has only ever exclusively mixed drinks for The Red Chamber and these are all his recipes. For someone with no prior experience in mixing, we were incredibly impressed with his precision in getting every single drink done perfectly.

Then, we have the “Secret”. This is part of their hidden menu (not that they have one to begin with). Secret is a drink that is easy for anyone to appreciate and is presented beautifully. It was created, again in collaboration with a customer, and is one of our highly recommended must-tries here.

My favourite drink here at The Red Chamber, which I’ve had multiple times now, is the 小三 (RM26). Xiao san means mistress. But you won’t have to hide this one from your wife. It’s a drink I would highly recommend because it is very refreshing and I love the use of herbs and spices to give the drink a sensory experience.

The Red Chamber doesn’t serve food. But because it is located right upstairs from Down To Bones, you can also order food from downstairs to be delivered up to your table to enjoy with some craft beer or cocktails.

The next time you’re in the unassuming neighbourhood of Taman OUG, do drop by The Red Chamber for an unforgettable experience.

The Red Chamber First floor, Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3, Taman OUG (Walk to the end of the same row where Down To Bones is located, turn the corner, look for metal grill with a red ribbon on it, open the door and walk up the stairs)

Open daily from 8pm - midnight. Closed on Thursdays

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