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Tamoya Udon's new Tonkotsu Specials

There is something insatiable about Singaporeans and Japanese food that we can’t seem to get enough of it. And today, we are back here again at one of Asia’s most popular Udon chains, Tamoya Udon. Nestled within Liang Court, this establishment provides a fuss-free casual dining experience with savoury Japanese udon noodles at super value prices.

With this being our fourth visit here, we got to try their newly launched Tonkotsu Specials. (You can check out our previous reviews on Tamoya Udon here, here and here) These bowls are served piping hot and contain rich, flavourful broths that will whet your appetite, leaving you wanting more. In this series, we got to try out two new flavours.

We begin with my favoured choice, the Sanuki Beef Onsen Udon ($11.80). This also happens to be the most famous type of udon in Japan, and after trying it, we can understand why. The texture of the beef slices blend perfectly with the onsen egg and the thick udon noodles. The Shoyu soup broth also provided an excellent balance to the strong beef flavours. Absolutely delicious and highly recommended.

The Tonkotsu Negi Char-siew Udon ($10.80) is an aromatic dish that serves up the ever-popular tonkotsu broth, brimming with delicious pork goodness. I liked how tender and well marinated the braised pork belly chunks (chashu) are, providing diners with a soft and chewy sensation with each bite.

We also got to try the Oden, a popular one-pot winter dish in Japan. It contains a variety of items such as Daikon (white radish), Atsu-age (creamy deep fried tofu), Chikuwa (Japanese fishakes), Tamago (hard boiled eggs) and Konnyaku. These items are served in dashi soup broth and the entire bowl is very low in calories. So you can enjoy your Oden, guilt-free! ($1.20 per item, get 3 items for $3)

Diners can also turn their Oden into a set meal by pairing it with a bowl of Udon! This set contains 3 oden items and a regular sized Kitsune Udon ($9.80).

I’ll definitely be back soon in time to slurp up another delicious bowl of noodles with Tamoya Udon. Treat yourself to an authentic taste of Japan, right here in the heart of Clark Quay!

Tamoya Udon

177 River Valley Road,

#01-32, Liang Court 1F,

Singapore 179030

Tel: +65 6337 0301

Opening hours: 11am to 9.30pm daily

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