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Swan Valley Unearthed, ME@OUE

Swan Valley is known for producing some of the best wines in Perth, if not the whole of Western Australia. I was lucky enough to check out what they had to bring to the table here in Singapore, and here are some of my thoughts on the wines I got to try.

I started out with the Pinelli Chenin Blanc 2007 (middle), which opens up with an off-dry start, and ends with a fruity and mellow finish. It a good wine, if you are looking to unwind with something light after a long hard day.

Afterwards, I had a go at the Carbin Estate Verdelho (left), which had a more citrus-y, if not, an almost spice like profile. In a way, it had a more “in your face” presence than the Chenin Blanc, which is suitable if you are looking to be perked up.

The Clockwork 2015 Shiraz had a strong tannin nose, but a lighter body than what you’d expect out of its smell. It had a clean finish, as it goes straight down the throat instead of lingering in the palate.

Lastly, I got to try the White Liqueur. It has a strong raisin nose to begin with (if you are big raisin fan, this is just for you). It’s not as sweet as other liqueurs, and of course it’s has a thicker viscosity than other wines. It’s basically, raisin in wine form, if I could put it more bluntly. I feel like you could only enjoy this in small quantities.

Last, but not least, I've also got to try their beer, which was bright, mildly sweet, also clearly a significant amount of hops was pretty evident in this. It’s pretty warm and puts you in a good mood, which is perfect to start with especially in the warm season.

With that said, out of the many sources of wines to select from the New World, the Swan Valley definitely is worth your consideration.


50 Collyer Quay,

OUE Bayfront, S049321

Opening Hours

Mon-Sat: 12-2pm, 6-11pm

Sun: Closed

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