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Shutters @ Amara Sanctuary Resort, Sentosa

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, and head on to Amara Santuary Resort for some peace and quiet. While you’re there, Shutters, the restaurant in the Resort is a must-go!

Shutters has recently launched its new Asian-European fusion menu and we got a taste of this tantalising menu. And before I go on talking about the dishes, I would just like to say that everything here was just perfect. From the warm and intimate ambiance to the amazing food from chef Jeffrey Tan.

This is definitely one of the best hotel restaurants I have ever been to.

So let’s get down to business…

First up, we had the Grilled Baby Octopus Salad ($18++). The octopus was braised in hearty local spices and light grilled to give it a smokey charred flavour. The octopus was indeed cooked to a perfection, it wasn’t too soft, nor was it too chewy. And the smokey flavour was such a delightful tasting experience. This was on top of a bed of crunchy frisee salad.

Another salad we had was the Thai Beef Salad (+18++). I personally preferred this over the Octopus Salad, just because I'm a huge fan of Thai cuisine. I absolutely loved the tangy and savoury Nham Jim salad dressing and the beef was cooked to a perfection.

I am not a fan of mussels (or any kind of clams), but I found myself finishing the whole serving of Seasonal Live Bouchot Mussels ($20++). When you start enjoying a whole dish with ingredients you don't typically like, this is when you know the chef has done a very good job cooking it. 10/10 would definitely order again.

For mains, we had the Baked Bonito Cod ($38++). The succulent codfish is complemented beautifully with Japanese dashi broth, bonito, sous-vide baby vegetables, sautéed pea shoots, and shiitake mushrooms. And for someone who is always particular about how fish is cooked, this cod was cooked just perfectly.

We tried the Iberico Char Siew Pork Rice ($24++), one of Chef Jeffrey's signature creations. The thing about char siew or Chinese barbecued pork is that pork belly is typically used for its tenderness. But here, Chef Jeffrey has used Iberico pork, which by nature is much more tender than the usual pork you get out there. So, with this ingenious idea, you'd get a smokey and succulent piece of meat that just melts in your mouth.

A dinner is not complete without some dessert. And here's an interesting local twist to the crème brûlée. The Chempedak Crème Brûlée ($12++) was a surprising delight as I never would've thought that that the cream chempedak meat would go so well with the vanilla French custard.

And after all the food, kick back, relax and enjoy a glass of Sanctury's Ruby ($16++), a vodka-based cocktail with sweet and fruity notes for a refreshing finish. Or go for the Larkhill Breeze ($16++), a rum-based cocktail, for something tangier and with a little more kick!


Level 2, Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa,

Sentosa Island,

1 Larkhill Rd, 099394

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday - 7am to 11.30pm

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