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Puri Puri, Beach Road

We were invited by the lovely folks from Quandoo on a quaint weekday evening to take a look at what Puri Puri has to offer. Having worked up an appetite getting to Puri Puri from Bugis MRT station (it was a short 15 minute stroll), we were pleasantly surprised to find that it was a quaint hole-in-the-wall café that shares its space with a lighting store, Verde Light. And true to its establishment, Puri Puri has great ambient lighting complementing its hipster vibes, creating a cosy environment.

A quick glance through their menu boasts their penchant for Kaisen-Dons and rice bowls. Puri Puri features the Premium 16 Multi Grains that a few highly rated Japanese restaurants in Singapore uses (such as the Unagiya Ichinoji, which you can take a look here). We were promptly seated and presented a trio of dishes that Puri Puri intended to showcase, namely the Premium Kaisen Bowl, Japanese Wagyu Truffle Bowl and the Spanish Ibérico Pork Truffle Bowl (which is part of their special seasonal menu).

The Premium Kaisen Bowl ($25.90) looked like a delicacy that was fished fresh out of the oceans. The juicy, fresh crab meat, well-seasoned tuna and salmon in the Kaisen Bowl won us over immediately with just a spoonful. In short, we felt that it commanded the flavoursome taste of the sea. However, we felt that the uni in the bowl was really too strong and overwhelming for our liking but this might fare different for huge fans of uni. We would highly suggest that the bold foodie in you to add a dab of wasabi into the bowl for a strong kick!

Puri Puri’s highlight of the special menu is the Spanish Ibérico Pork Truffle Bowl ($17.90). It looks very similar to the Japanese Wagyu Truffle Bowl, but don’t let its looks beguile its taste. The smoky, charred Ibérico pork slices are such a delight, with a bit of salty, truffle aftertaste. The meat had a slight chew and the truffle was not too overpowering, but nevertheless it is still a satisfactory complement to the Premium 16 Multi Grains in the bowl. I regret to mention that as Puri Puri rotates their special menu biweekly/monthly, you will have to check with the chef for its availability!

The clear champion of the night was the Japanese Wagyu Truffle Bowl. The meat’s exterior was crisp, yet boasted an incredibly tender inside. The fragrant fried garlicky aroma mixed with the truffle slices are a delight on one’s tongue. Astoundingly, the one that grabbed the golden ticket for me were the mushrooms in the dish. They were packed with such umami and intense succulence (honest to god, it was one of the best mushrooms I have ever had in my life) that my mouth simply waters as I think about it. One has to definitely give this a go if you love your wagyu, mushrooms and truffles! I have to mention that Puri Puri does not charge for GST and its services, so the prices are exactly as it is! You may also find convenience in booking through Quandoo as well. It was definitely a great foodie experience at Puri Puri, and I assure you that their rice bowls (and mushrooms especially) do not disappoint. Do schedule a night out with your loved ones at Puri Puri soon! Puri Puri/ Verde Light 367 Beach Road Singapore 199579 Operation Hours:

Daily, 11.30am - 9.30pm Telephone: 9107 5908 Facebook: Website: Quandoo:

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