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Paya Serai Ramadan Buffet 2018, Hilton Petaling Jaya

Photo by Melvin | Traditional performance by Angklung Orchestra

The festive season is once again upon us, and as a multiracial country there is nothing we love more than celebrating in unity. This year Hilton Petaling Jaya’s Paya Serai has come out with something different to serve us during the Ramadan season, where they offering local delights in the form of food trucks for different experience. We got an early taste of what they are offering this year.

Photo by Melvin | Appetiser Bar

There are approximately 150 dishes of delicious, modern and traditional food offered, ranging from western, to asian and plenty of local delights to maximise the Ramadan experience, which will be available from 15 May till 14 June.

Photo by Melvin | Assorted marinated beef satay

To start out, we tried something light - the Beef and Chicken Satay. The satay itself was well marinated and we didn’t even need the peanut sauce to enjoy it! The smokey taste which is essential to a good satay coated every stick without fail. Definitely a good start to the Paya Serai Ramadan Buffet.

Photo by Melvin | Mix Seafood section

Next, we sampled some seafood. Pair the incredibly fresh ingredients with condiments such as, lemon wedges, cocktail, lime, lemon, pesto oil & tabasco sauce.

Photo by Melvin | Teppanyaki & Tempura Bar

Out of all the sections and rows and rows of dishes, my personal favourite is the teppanyaki bar. The chef cooked our meats to the perfect doneness and we enjoyed the little teppanyaki show he put on for us.

Photo by Melvin | Laksa, Cendol and Rojak Mamak from the Food Truck Selection

As mentioned earlier, Paya Serai’s introduction of the Food Trucks meant we had more atypical options to choose from. We got to sample dishes like laksa, cendol and rojak mamak. I personally would recommend trying the laksa, if you are a laksa lover. The portions aren’t too big, which will allow you the space to eat all the other dishes.

Photo by Melvin | dessert section from the buffet

And finally we moved on to the dessert section and tried kuih talam from the traditional kuih section and some of their tarts and cakes from the western dessert section.

Of course, we’ve only covered a small portion of the entire buffet spread, focusing here on our favourites. But overall, there were plenty of other delicious options. If you are looking to experience something different than usual for a Ramadan buffet this year, we would recommend you to try Hilton’s Paya Serai Ramadan Buffet.


First Three Days 15 May till 17 May, RM169 nett (Adult) & RM89 nett (Kids)

The following weeks 18 May onwards, RM189 nett (Adult) & RM99 nett (Kids)

Last Three Days 11 June till 14 June, RM169 nett (Adults) & RM89 nett (Kids)

For early birds, RM149 nett (Adult) & RM79 nett (Kids)

For more info or reservation:

call +03 7955 9122 or visit

PJ Hilton

Ground floor

No 2, Jalan Barat, Pjs 52,

46200 Petaling Jaya,


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