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Our top 7 favourites places to eat in Malaysia 2017

As we head on to 2018, here are some of the Malaysia team's favourite makan places in 2017!

Head of Malaysia, Victoria Brown's choice: Copper

Copper is one of the most standout restaurants of the year. The modern European restaurant uses fresh Malaysian ingredients to create culinary masterpieces that excite the palate. Copper manages to put together unique dishes that leaves a lasting impression on you. Some of Copper’s standout dishes were their Mangosteen and Cured Salmon Salad, Salt Beef and Mushrooms "ala jillo", and their Vichyssoise.

Malaysia Contributor, Bianca Hoh's choice: Foret Blanc

Foret Blanc is hands down one of the best dessert places that is also Instagrammable. Foret Blanc is true to its Malaysian roots. It incorporates local ingredients into its desserts, whilst constantly surprising us with its unique flavour and texture contrasts.

Malaysia Contributor, Elizabeth Yong's choice: The Butcher's Table

After a decade of taking a break, Mr. Ho and his family still delivers homemade sausages that are to die for. This time, at The Butcher's Table in SS2. There is consistency throughout all his other main meat dishes, simple but delicious and executed well.

Malaysia Contributor, Melissa Teh's choice: Ruyi & Lyn

Ruyi & Lyn serves creativity on a plate with their fantastic fusion dishes. A sophisticated spot for good food and good company, it was truly a place to taste the good life.

Managing Editor, Sarah Voon's choice: Mrs Who

Mrs Who in JB is one of those cafes you know puts a lot of emphasis on only giving the best to its patrons. I loved the small but streamlined menu, which offers easy comfort food for everyone. In a growing cafe scene, Mrs Who stands out among the rest.

Malaysia Contributor, Nadya Woon's choice: Manmaru

At Manmaru, not only is the quality of their products super fresh, the food tastes super awesome at a very reasonable price. They have great hospitality and it is a wonderful place for any function/occasion.

Head of Marketing, Tim Danker's choice: Alison Soup House

Alison Soup House in TTDI has got to be one of the best places to go if you’re craving for a bowl of comforting soup. Specialising in healthy Chinese soup, choose from a selection of broth that suits your taste buds. I love this place as they only use the freshest ingredients with no MSG. And being dog friendly is a huge plus as well!


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