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Oporto, Holland Village

If you’re a fan of affordable Portuguese food, look no further than Oporto, who just opened their first-ever outlet in Singapore recently. Feast on their lip-smacking array of flame-grilled chicken, wraps & burgers in their new, swanky outlet at Holland Village. All their chicken comes from Australia and we got to try their new menu where we picked out some of our favourites. Here are some of the delicious food that they offer, or as the Portuguese would say, delicioso!

For flame-grilled chicken, they serve it in quarters ($6.90), halves ($11.90), and even the whole chicken ($21.90), if you’re feeling particularly hungry. Each chicken selection has the option of 2 sauces, their signature Original Chilli or Lemon & Herb.

We personally recommend the lemon & herb as the sourness adds a kick to the flame-grilled chicken. This dish is a great dish to be shared amongst friends and family dining together.

Another highlight of Oporto’s menu would be the Bondi Burger. They use 100% chicken fillets and add their original chilli sauce for an all-round tasty burger. Each bite is juicy and they come in single ($5.90), double ($7.90) & triple ($9.90) patty layers. To make your trip worthwhile, opt for the triple as the burger is something you won’t regret at Oporto.

Wraps are also available in the form of the Chicken Rappa ($7.90), freshly grilled and added with tomato, lettuce, mayo and a sauce* of your choice to go with your wrap.

For all their mains, you can choose to complete your meal by adding $2.50 to add 1 regular drink & regular side. Or add $3.50 to add 1 large drink & 1 large side. For drinks, they offer a choice of Coca-cola, Iced Lemon Tea, Minute Maid, Green Tea, Coke Zero or Sprite.

Besides mains, Oporto also offers add on sides from as low as $1! Choose from white rice, chips, grilled corn or even their special spicy rice to go with your meal. The grilled corn ($2.90/3.90) gives a surprising touch of balance to our meal as the sweetness of the corn complements the chicken meat and the sauces. You may even choose to have it as an appetiser before you tuck into your mains.

And for all of you who love to have snacks with your meal, Oporto offers their signature Bondi Bites ($4.90/6.90), which are 100% premium chicken pieces served with a sauce of your choice, you can pick from Original Chilli, Lemon & Herb, Garlic sauce, Mayo sauce, Prego sauce or BBQ sauce.

If you’re a big fan of fries like us, go for their Chilli Cheese Chips ($5.90), the portions are very generous and the mix of Original Chilli Sauce & Cheese left us feeling full & satisfied. A great choice of snack to share, dining in or takeaway. They also have chicken wings and spicy chicken bites ($4.90/5.90 each) on their menu.

Should you decide to bring a bunch of your loved ones out to Oporto but can’t on what to order together, fret not as they have their Mealbox Family Meal, which is perfect for those family outings. For $39.90, you can 1 whole chicken, 2 large chips, 4 regular drinks, 2 sides & 3 pcs of wings, so you can share the meal with the whole gang. They even have a Kids Meal ($5.90), and it comes with 1 chicken & cheese burger, 1 regular chip & 1 regular drink.

To round off their menu, Oporto also offers the classic Churros ($2.50), a sweet dessert which consists 2 pcs of crunchy, doughy goodness with either a drizzle of sweet cinnamon or salted caramel sauce. The choice is yours to make, but we liked the cinnamon better.


No. 3 Lorong Liput,

#01-01 Holland Piazza,

Singapore, 277725

Opening hours:

Mondays to Thursdays - 10am to 10pm

Fridays to Sundays - 10am to 11pm

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