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Oceania’s 180-Day 2020 Around the World Voyage

Do you remember when you were young, watching cartoons like Sinbad and thinking to yourself: "When I grow up, I want to be a voyager!"

That may be an ambition you had once upon a time, but here's your chance to make that come true with Oceania Cruises! I know, travelling round the would would require extensive planning. But fret not, let Oceania Cruises settle that for you. Just hop on board and the "Around the World in 180 Days Voyage” and enjoy what the world has to offer.

The Oceania Insignia will set sail from Miami, Florida on 8 January 2020 and end on 5 July 2020 in San Francisco. Fares start from US$40,999 per guest. So, if you insist you need time to plan, don't say we didn't tell you ahead!

The cruise will be covering 95 different ports of call on four continents across 27 time zones. Furthermore, this is the first time Oceania Cruises’ will be exploring South America!

The highlights of the 2020 Around the World Cruise are:

  • Continents visited: 4

  • Countries visited: 38

  • Time zones crossed: 27

  • Islands visited: 24

  • Ports visited: 95

  • UNESCO World Heritage sites accessible: 67

  • Overnight stays (including two-night stays): 17

  • Nautical miles sailed: 44,090

  • Oceans cruised: 3

  • Seas cruised: 18

  • Number of times equator crossed: 4

  • International Date Line crossed: 1

  • Largest population: Tokyo, Japan

  • Smallest population: Port Stanley, Falkland Islands

The 2020 Around the World Voyage will cover the brand’s most expansive focus on Japan with nine ports of call there alongside exploring the unexplored parts of Africa by rounding both the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Horn. Finally, Oceania Cruises will showcase for the first time the breadth of Alaska from the Aleutian Islands to the Inside Passage.

As an explorer of this century, it is not simply just about the exploring and traveling on the ship. Rest assured there would be exclusive shore side events held in Montevideo, Uruguay; Cape Town, South Africa; Rangoon, Burma; Hong Kong, China; and Kyoto, Japan.

Putting your comfort and travel ambitions as priority, the 2020 Around the World voyage will provide top-class amenities for every stateroom and suite.

Oceania Insignia underwent a multi-million dollar transformation in 2014. The ship features four restaurants, a world-class fitness centre and spa, five lounges and bars, a casino and 342 lavish suites and luxurious staterooms – nearly 70% of which feature private verandas.

Guests are entitled to receive free first-class airfare along with their choice of 70 free shore excursions or a free beverage package or a $7,000 shipboard credit. If that doesn’t sound good enough for you, there is an exclusive Prestige Package that includes:

  • Free Pre-Paid Gratuities – a value up to $8,200 (for 180 day)

  • Free Onboard Medical Care

  • Free Unlimited Internet

  • Free Laundry Services

  • Free Exclusive Shoreside Events

  • Free Visa Package

  • Free Luggage Delivery

  • Free 1-Night Pre-Cruise Luxury Hotel Stay

The 2020 Around the World journey has also catered several other options sailing from Miami or San Francisco ranging from 162 to 200 days in order to suit the varying needs of different travelers needs better:

Miami to Miami – January 8, 2020 – 195 Days

Miami to New York – January 8, 2020 – 200 Days

San Francisco to Miami – January 26, 2020 – 177 Days

San Francisco to San Francisco – January 26, 2020 – 162 Days

San Francisco to New York – January 26, 2020 – 182 Days

For further information on the 2020 Around the World voyage, call 855- OCEANIA (855-623-2642), contact your Travel Agent, or visit

Be it your childhood dream to be a voyager or explorer, or if you would like to treat the folks by ticking a number of things off the bucket list, why not come on board Oceania’s 2020 Around the World Voyage. I guarantee it’ll be a once in a lifetime experience, after all “jobs may fill your pocket but adventures fill your soul”!

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