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New menu @ Komyuniti, Yotel

Welcoming its new head chef, Benny Lim, Komyuniti is introducing a brand spanking new menu that will showcase Chef Benny’s culinary talents.

In this new menu, Chef Benny will be bringing to the table his signature brand of fusion cuisine while hoping to impart a sense of joyful wonder to local and international diners alike. He spent the last 14 years perfecting his Western culinary technique while drawing inspiration from a rich background of Asian influences.

I’m personally a very big fan of Peking duck and pizza. But putting the two together? Who would’ve thought it would taste so good. The Hoisin Duck Flatbread was my favourite dish in the new menu. It features a flat bread with a spread of tomato sauce, smoked duck breast and topped with mozzarella cheese, fresh cucumbers and spring onions.

My all-time favourite Korean dish is the Korean fried chicken, especially when topped with soy garlic sauce. Here at Komyuniti, Chef Benny decided to turn up the heat with the Spicy Korean Fried Chicken that’s drenched in a red hot homemade Korean buffalo sauce. I loved that the chicken was thoroughly coated with sauce and the skin stayed crispy. But be warned though, this is really some spicy stuff.

You can never go wrong with a classic beef burger. Komyuniti’s signature Beef Burger comes with a perfectly grilled marinated Angus beef patty, mayo dressing, cheddar cheese, homemade bacon jam, fresh tomatoes and lettuce – all nestled between two delicious charcoal buns. This comes with a side of purple cabbage coleslaw and shoestring fries.

Komyuniti is going back to black. Apart from the black charcoal burger buns, they’ve added charcoal into the batter for their fish and chips. The Charcoal Fish Fingers & Chips may look a little odd, but if you can look (or taste) past that, it’s a dish worth trying.

For dessert, we had a potted plant put in front of us. But dig your spoon in and you’ll realise that this pot of plant is so much more than meets the eye. Served in a little flower pot, the Potted Plant Tiramisu is layered with an espresso-infused coffee sponge, espuma liqor custard and topped with Oreo-crumbed “soil” to give it the potted plant illusion.

I’ve always liked coming to Komyuniti for cocktails (although I don’t drink much myself). The last time we were here, F&B Manager and award-winning mixologist As’ad Isnin mixed up a storm and I ended up drinking a little more than I usually do, because everything just tasted so good.

So, this time, to accompany the new menu, As’ad has introduced two new drinks that I for one knew were going to taste good before even trying them.

The Lost Not Found is one of my latest favourite cocktail, next to Komyuniti’s signature KOMpliment, and incorporates fermented strawberries, a delightful mix of herb liqueur, botanical herbs and prosecco. The end product is a sweet, light and fruity cocktail.

Coffee-lovers, this one’s for you. The Comic Coffee is a vodka-based cocktail made up with citrus, dark cherry, soya bean curd and salted espresso. Make sure you have a spoon ready to scoop the soya bean curd at the bottom of the drink. I was quite surprised at how it went well with the boozy coffee.

I've been to Komyuniti a few times and every time I come by, I get more and more impressed by the place. Well, if you want to know why I like it so much, there's only one way for you find out -- head on down yourself!


YOTEL Level 10 ,

366 Orchard Rd,

Singapore 238904

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