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New cakes & revamped menu @ Antoinette

Fashion and food are a two of my favourite things. I was so excited when I heard the launch of Antoinette's selection of couture cakes this season. Antoinette has always been famous for its creative and beautiful aesthetic cakes. Inspired by world renowned designers such as Coco Chanel and Issey Miyake, fashionistas and foodies alike are in for a treat!

The first cake I tried was the "Chocolat No.5" (pictured on the left), inspired by the iconic Chanel No. 5 perfume, this chocolate cake was one of my favourite among the whole couture collection. Dressed with a gold crumble for a classy finish, I found this cake crunchy and not too sweet.

Next I had "Nude"(pictured on the top), probably the most eye-catching cake in the whole collection, this cake comes in a colour that resembles most of my lipstick collection. However, this cake turned out to be more sour than sweet due to its tropical fruit mousse.

Launched earlier during Lunar New Year, the "Orh Nee Cake"(pictured at the bottom) is making a come back. Created from fresh yam and pumpkin, this cake is essentially the traditional "orh nee" dessert in one bite. I love the chef's rendition of the traditional dessert. Every single bit of the traditional dessert is not missed out, with candied gingko nuts and fried shallots present in the cake.

If you are both a foodie and waist-line conscious fashionista, the "Haute Cafe"(pictured on the left) is the cake for you. Made without sugar, this coffee flavoured cake will steal your hearts with the pretty swirls of cold brewed coffee creme chantilly with a touch of 24K gold leaf imported from France.

Finally, saving the best for last, "Cheese Please" as the name suggests is inspired by Issey Miyake's iconic "Pleats Please". What I loved most about this cake is its light fluffy texture, made from apricot jelly and coconut creme chantilly. It's also not too sweet, just the way i like it.

Available now at both Antoinette outlets, do not miss this season's stylist cake collection. All five cakes are available in both the petite (as shown above) and big size. This is a gastronomic experience not to be missed!

Since the first time I stepped into Antoinette, it is pretty obvious they have revamped their menu. While still maintaining the artistic flair in their dishes, their new menu embodies the definition of European cuisine with its aesthetic presentations.

For starters, I had the Watermelon and Smoked Duck Salad ($24). I would give a 10/10 for the presentation of this dish as this is the prettiest plate of salad I have seen in my life. I enjoyed the 6 minute egg as I felt it was done perfect with the yolk very runny, I felt the overall taste of the salad was good but perhaps a little pricey for what it is worth.

Next I had the Double Prawn Linguine ($28), I would say that this dish was my favourite dish of the night. The generous amount of prawn meat justifies the price of the pasta. Inspired by Singapore's local prawn mee, I found it interesting that hae bee hiam (spicy dried shrimp) was added into this dish, giving it a nice local touch to it.

Next, I had the Wagyu Beef Tagliatelle ($28), made with homemade whole wheat tagliatelle, I found this pasta to have a very authentic homemade taste. The egg complemented the cheese and sauces extremely well, but I did find that the smell of the beef was a tad too strong for my liking.

As the ambience of Antoinette suggests tea time, their new menu offers a Banana toast ($12) and a Kurobuta Ham and Cheese toast ($14). The Banana toast (pictured on the left) is perfect for sharing, made with nutella, caramel popcorn, dark chocolate and cocoa pops those with a sweet tooth are sure to appreciate this combination of all things sweet. The Kurobuta Ham and Cheese toast (pictured on the right) is a unique dish made with purple sweet potato mash and mustard mayo, although I am not a fan of mustard I did not mind the strong mustard aftertaste accompanied by the tinge of sweetness from the mash. I found this dish extremely filling.

Finally moving on to desserts, I first had the Fondant au Chocolat ($14). This is not your usual molten lava cake, accompanied by cold brewed coffee ice cream and an orange confit, I found the overall taste surprisingly not too sweet. The orange confit gives a very refreshing aftertaste.

Ending the feast on a sweet and beautiful note, the Watermelon Kakigori ($20) captured the hearts (and phones) of everyone present. This dish consists of rose foam, fresh watermelon, yuzu cream, earl grey chiffon cake, almond crumble and strawberries sitting on a bed of dry ice. It is extremely light and refreshing, and I would definitely order this again when I'm back.

Lastly, to accompany my entire meal I ordered the Prescription ($14). Essentially this is Houjicha latte with Okinawa syrup and Fairy grass. Even with serving milk tea, Antoinette has done an extremely creative job. What I liked best is that you can control your own level of sweetness by adding your desired amount of syrup to your Houjicha latte. The latte had a very subtle roasted aftertaste.

Forget about bread, as Marie Antoinette once said, let them eat cake!

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Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday – 11am to 10pm (Last order - 9.30pm) Friday and Eve of Public Holidays – 11am to 11pm (Last order - 10.30pm) Saturday – 10am to 11pm (Last order - 10.30pm) Sunday and Public Holidays – 10am to 10pm (Last order - 9.30pm)

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