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Milligram, Taman Mayang Jaya

Fancy a porky meal without breaking the bank? Milligram is the perfect place to go!

Milligram certainly loves their pork, and boy they know how to use it! You will find creative and indulgent porky food at Milligram, and they serve up amazing desserts as well (where you just may find a cheeky bacon strip or two)!

The highlight for me was Milligram's Mother Porker Burger (RM25) which is easily the best pork burger in town!​

The pork patty was juicy and bursting with flavour. It was topped with delicious caramelised onions, cheese, salad leaves and pork bacon. There was also a slight spice to the burger which added more oomph to the dish!

The burger is served with a side of zucchini and carrot chips, which is something a bit different from the usual fries. The Mother Porker Burger is definitely a must-try!

Another favourite is Milligram's Lazy Pig (RM27) featuring a pork shoulder topped with cheese -- that's right CHEESE!

The pork was so tender and moist, you can tell that a lot of love and effort was put into the dish. The side of pesto and sautéed vegetables added a freshness and brightness to the dish, which I loved.

This dish was definitely indulgent (but not overly so), the flavours were punchy, and the concept creative. It was a hit with the foodies!

The Chicken with Cilantro Lime Rice (RM17) was a revelation. The rice was so flavourful and unique, it certain adds a nice zing and it was paired beautifully with the pan-seared chicken and velvety egg.

I loved the flavours in this dish, especially the rice. The slightly runny scrambled egg was so delicious and went perfectly with the rice and chicken. I would order this dish again!

If you love cheese, this is the dish for you! Milligram has one of the cheesiest Mac N Cheese dishes I've ever had.

Milligram's Stringy Bac and Cheese (RM20) definitely lives up to its name with plenty of cheese and bacon! The dish was well seasoned and sufficiently indulgent, there isn't such thing as too much cheese.

The star of Milligram's desserts was the Nestum Bacon French Toast (RM19). The soft pillowy bread was covered in a nestum and bacon crumbs which made the french toast so crunchy and delicious. I couldn't get enough of it!

The dessert was paired with a lovely vanilla ice cream and fresh fruits. I'm salivating just thinking about this dish!

Milligram's Olympic Churros (RM17) also deserves a gold medal! The churros were crunchy and had good texture and flavour. It is served with a delicious chocolate dipping sauce, Famous Amos crumbs and vanilla ice cream.

If you are looking for something a bit different, you can try Milligram's Churros Boru (RM20). It is similar to the churros but shaped as a chimney of sorts.

It is topped with an incredibly delicious earl grey ice cream and white chocolate sauce, and surrounded by a delicious sea of yoghurt and Famous Amos crumbs.

Milligram's Ozzie Pancakes (RM19) is fluffy and light. It is served with a yoghurt sauce, lemon curd, fresh fruits and pork bacon -- yummy!

Strawberry and banana is one of my favourite combinations, so Milligram's Strawberry Banana Smoothie (RM14) was a hit with me! It was thick and creamy with a nice balance of two of my favourite fruits.

We also tried Milligram's Chocolate Mint Latte (RM11) which tasted exactly like the After Eight mint chocolates. It was surprisingly delicious!

We also had their Chai Macha (RM12) which had a lovely spice blend.

Milligram's cold Houjicha (RM11) was my favourite drink. It featured roasted green tea with milk. It was rich, creamy and had a lovely roasted flavour. It had a nice subtle flavour, and wasn't very sweet.

Milligram also serves up a selection of macarons, their flavours and designs rotate every few weeks. We were too stuffed to give it a try, but the they looked so adorable we just had to photograph it!

From their Mother Porker Burger to their Nestum Bacon French Toast, Milligram definitely hits the spot when it comes to comfort food that will warm your soul and fill your belly!

This cozy Australian inspired cafe has the right balance of fun and creativity. The food is delicious, the portions are hefty, and the prices are reasonable.

I see no reason why I wouldn't come back to Milligram!

Milligram - Coffee & Eatery

No. 8, Jalan SS26/4,

Taman Mayang Jaya,

Petaling Jaya,

47301 Selangor

Tel: 03-7497 4358

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri 11am-11pm

Sat-Sun 10am-11pm

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