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Meme Tea&Coff, Plaza Arkadia

Located in Desa Parkcity, Meme Tea&Coff has a beautiful high-ceiling and a generally sophisticated vibe to its cafe. It's unique selling point is that it boasts an interesting range of creative drinks on its menu.

I'm guessing that due to the complexity of the ingredients in the drinks, you might have to wait a while for them. I waited about 20 minutes for mine.

(From right to left) I tried the Mango Yoghurt drink (RM18.90) which was mango puree with yoghurt and mango chunks. Apparently Meme uses fresh fruits for its drinks so yay Meme! It tasted like mango lassi with mango chunks inside. Quite enjoyable I must say.

I also tried their Meme Fruit Tea (RM13.90), which was not excessively sweet and quite refreshing. Finally, I had the, very weird but surprisingly very delicious, Cheese Misty Green (RM11.90), which was certainly a drink to remember. It has a cheesy foam topped onto a light green tea. I liked the mix of rich and foamy, and light and clear.

We also had some snacks to accompany the drinks. The Green Tea Mille Crepe (cake prices range from RM13.90 to RM16.90) was quite delicious with its light layers and creamy fillings; the Fried Mushrooms (RM10.90) were also a great savoury finger food to have whilst chilling at Meme for some afternoon tea.

All in all I would definitely come back to hang out here for a nice chilled Sunday afternoon, especially with my Cheesy Misty Green and Green Tea Mille Crepe.

Meme Tea&Coff

Block G , No G-G-13A , Gurney Plaza Arkadia,

3, Jalan Intisari, Desa Parkcity, 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Opens daily 11am-12:30am

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