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Meet Mee, SS15 Subang Jaya

Photo by Samad | This is what the facade of Meet Mee looks like! Are you on a tight budget and craving to have some good pan mee? That's me most of them time (lol). Well you're in luck! Why not try out Meet Mee in SS15? Located opposite the former Asia Cafe on the same row as Starbucks, Meet Mee is accessible to all, especially students and office workers around the area!

Photo by Samad | Simple interior design

Photo by Samad | All of our pan mees in front of the cool Meet Mee signage!

Meet Mee is a small restaurant that offers a variety of different pan mees to cater to your ever-changing food palate. They don't just have your usual soup and dry pan mees, as well as the much loved chilli pan mee, they also have a lot of other interesting combinations too! Let's take a look at some of their interesting variations of pan mee.

Photo by Samad | Dry Chicken Curry Pan Mee

Photo by Samad | Check out that tender chicken! First up is their Dry Curry Chicken Pan Mee (RM8.80). For those of you who are big fans of that strong and vibrant spicy curry flavour, this pan mee is for you! The curry flavour is very evident and it seems to get spicier as you eat. One thing I'd like to note is that the chicken served in the dish is super tender, soft and moist! It's like they've been stewing the chicken for hours! I like it that way, rather than something too chewy or dry.

Photo by Samad | Chilli Pan Mee with runny egg yolk and fried fish cakes

Next up is the classic Chilli Pan Mee with Fried Fish Cakes (RM8.20). This dish was pretty okay, not my favourite, but maybe because the other 2 I tried were more unique and flavourful. I did like that instead of using anchovies, they used fish cakes, which was a little bit different. You can definitely go ahead and give it a try, you might like it more than me but if I were to visit Meet Mee, I'd probably order the next one which is ...

Photo by Samad | Yummy Lala Pan Mee Soup!

... Lala Pan Mee Soup with Ginger and Wine (RM13.90). To me, this was the star of the show! It's a huge portion for such an affordable price, a lot of lala and the taste of wine in the soup was yum! The only comment I have is that they can definitely add more ginger as the sweetness of the wine overpowered the overall soup flavour, but other than that, I'd come back just for this pan mee soup! It's pretty good.

Photo by Samad | The official Chilli Sauce Station You can also try your pan mee with their homemade sauces from their Chilli Sauce Station. I really liked their Signature Meet Mee Chilli Sauce which I reckon is a blend of green and red chilli with some vinegar? It's nice anyway! Try it!

Photo by Samad | As seen in the photo clockwise: Lycheelicious, Lala Pan Mee Soup, Lime Assam Boi Juice, Chilli Pan Mee, Curry Chicken Pan Mee, Vegetable Soup broth, Ginger Soup Dumpling ​ The dry pan mees came with a simple and light vegetable broth, which helped to cleanse the palate, especially from the strong, vibrant flavours of the Curry Chicken Pan Mee.

Photo by Samad | Fried Dumpling

Photo by Samad | Ginger Soup Dumpling ​ We ordered 2 types of dumplings as sides: the Fried Dumplings (RM6.20 for 5 pieces) and the Ginger Soup Dumplings (RM6.20 for 5 pieces). You can never go wrong with dumplings really. I liked the soup one more than the fried ones though! The soup itself was quite yummy and filled with green vegetables, which I kind of needed after consuming so much carbs and protein (haha).

Photo by Samad | Lycheelicious

For drinks, I had the Lycheelicious, which is an ice blended fruit drinks (RM8.20) and an Lime Assam Boi juice (RM5.20). The Lycheelicious is something I would recommend on a very hot day as a thirst-quencher. Lychee is always the best when you want to feel less thirsty! As for the Lime Assam Boi, it's a pretty sour drink so if you're palate gravitates towards less sweet and more tangy drinks, this one's for you! Meet Mee is a simple and cozy place located in the hustle and bustle of SS15 in Subang Jaya. The service is good and the price of the food offered will definitely not break the bank, which is perfect for those who are looking for good food but want to save a lil', eh? It's very strategically placed because the restaurant is located so close to INTI and surrounding office buildings, perfect for you students and working peeps who need a good lunch break!

Meet Mee also offers a weekday Meet Value Meals: Combo A (1 pax) for RM9.90 which includes any noodles (RM8.20) and a drink, Combo B (1 pax) for RM10.50 which includes any noodles (RM8.80) and a drink and lastly Combo C (2 pax) for RM22.90 which includes any 2 noodles (RM8.20), a snack and 2 drinks! I think this sounds like an awesome deal! Do check out Meet Mee in SS15, Subang Jaya! If you're not in the area, they also have 4 other branches in Desa Setapak, Danau Kota, Sungai Long and Ampang. Meet Mee,

41, Jalan SS 15/8a, Ss 15,

47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Opening Hours:

EVERYDAY 9:00AM–10:00PM Phone Number:

03-5611 7537


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