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Mak Mak Char Chan Ting @ Awana Sky Avenue

Exterior of Mak Mak Char Chan Ting (Wan Hoi Char Chan Tian) | Photo by Melvin Gan

As we all know, Genting SkyAvenue has recently turned into a food paradise. A recent addition to the variety of offerings is Mak Mak Char Chan Ting at Awana Sky Avenue, serving Hong Kong delights. Here’s what we tried.

Peanut butter Toast | Photo by Melvin Gan

First, we tried the Peanut Butter Toast. Now, this is not your normal peanut butter toast. What is impressive about this is that the filling is made in house by the chef. It might be very rich in peanut aroma but upon tasting it, it does not overwhelm your tastebuds. In fact, it’s light enough for you to want to crave for more!

X.O. Zhu Cheong Fun | Photo by Melvin Gan

Next on, we tried their X.O. Zhu Cheong Fun. If you’re a fan of fried stuff, then this is something you absolutely MUST TRY. Mak Mak Char Chan Ting does this dish perfectly, keeping the dish flavourful and you’ll love every bite.

“Lu Sui” Noodle | Photo by Melvin Gan

Next, we tried “Lu Sui” Noodle, which is one of their signature dishes. If you’ve never heard of this before, it is a Chinese dish cooked with many different herbs and ingredients and often cooked for more than an hour - the longer it is cooked the better the taste! This is one of my favourite dishes at Mak Mak. The best part of this dish is not the noodle nor the soup, but the tofu and the radish that is soaked in the soup, as it is very well cooked till the point that the essence of the soup is absorbed into the tofu and radish.

“La Zha Min” - Dirty Noodle | Photo by Melvin Gan

Another signature dish we tried is the “La Zha Min” also known as dirty noodle. “La Zha” means dirty in cantonese. The dish’s name comes from a little urban myth that the dish was originally a dish cooked and consumed by civilians, often prepared next to the drain. Of course, that’s just a name. Tasting it, you will know that it isn’t dirty at all! In fact, it’s really delicious with curry as the base sauce for the noodle, mixed with many other ingredients like pork skin, fried tofu, braised pork, fish balls and pork balls.

Cheese Baked Rice | Photo by Melvin Gan

After that, we sampled their cheese baked rice. I strongly recommend you the red sauce over the white sauce if you prefer stronger flavours. Their red sauce goes very well with the cheese baked rice. Another must-try.

Shaved Iced Red Bean | Photo by Melvin Gan

If you are a red bean lover, you might also want to try their shaved iced red bean dessert. They use in house red bean soup as a base for their shave ice, giving it a much smoother feel and less sweetness, yet very rich red bean flavours.

On the side, their iced milk tea and iced ying yong are a very good pair to have along with their food, and like any typical Char Chan Teng, it is served in a ice bucket filled with iced to keep it chilled so as to not dilute the drinks.

Overall, the experience we had in Mak Mak Char Chan Ting was very fun and easy going as though as we were experiencing an authentic Hong Kong experience.

Mak Mak Char Chan Ting

Lot No 2-8 of Level 2,

Awana Sky Central,

Genting Highland,

69000 Pahang,


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