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  • Nicole Voon

Japan's Favorite Soymilk By Kikkoman

Majority of us know Kikkoman for their soy sauce, however they have many other products such as this, Kikkoman Soymilk!

As usual, Japan has made us wow at their creativity and uniqueness. Kikkoman Soymilk is a dairy-free product that comes in five different delicious flavors : Original, Unsweetened, Black Tea (which is a favorite among ladies in Japan), Mango and Banana (My personal favorite!).

Completely preservative-free and Non-GMO, these delicious healthy refreshments can also be enjoyed frozen and eaten as an icy dessert which is a perfect way to have it in our hot and humid Singapore. These products can also be used to make desserts as well as ro cook savoury dishes!

I tried drinking some of the flavors, and I froze the mango and banana soymilk to enjoy them as icy desserts!

Kikkoman even has an e-Cookbook for more recipes to cook up using their soymilk. Those recipes are easy to make, comforting and also healthy!

Available in FairPrice Finest outlets at only $1.90/ 200ml pack or enjoy them at $5 for a promotion bundle of 3 packs!


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