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  • Sarah Ahmad

Islands Chocolate, London

​Attention all chocolate lovers! You've got a new chocolate player in town and its name is Islands Chocolate! These artisanal Caribbean bars of goodness are sure to leave you wanting more!

A bit of background on Islands Chocolate: the cacao sourced for these beauties come from St. Vincent in the Caribbean. Working with the most experienced local cacao farmer, Mr. Robert Jacob, since 2011, Islands Chocolate only sources and harvests the bests cocoa pods to be made into these delectable bars of creamy chocolate. ​

​A highlight I'd like to add about Islands Chocolate is their packaging! They include the information of the beans that were used to make the chocolate bar, including its location and the information of the farmers. I think this is an amazing method for people to learn about what they are consuming and support communities that solely rely on the production of chocolate. The great thing about this company is that they promote and push for ethical sourcing and consumption of chocolate; for example, this farm and the work they do with Mr. Jacob helps support him and his family of 6! I've tried these chocolate bars and I love them! I have a preference for chocolates that originate from the Caribbean, as they usually are similar to chocolate pudding, very creamy, smooth and rich. Islands Chocolate are now in a few stores in London and the UK, but they also have an online store so if you're interested to try their sinfully delicious bars of chocolate, you can have them delivered right to your door step! They ship within the UK and also internationally!





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