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i Light Marina Bay, Marina Bay precinct

Singapore’s yearly light exhibition is in town again. From this weekend till 1 April, make your way down to the Marina Bay precinct to check out light installations from artists all around the world.

And since the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival is around where the lights are being displayed. It might be a good idea to head to the carnival in the day and watch the lights after when it gets dark!

It’s a huge area and I didn’t even get the chance to finish checking out all the lights in one night, but here are some that caught my eye.

A lot of the light installations are interactive and allows to you “play” with it.

This was one of my favourites for the night. This exhibition, dubbed the Mailbox, is created by a group of Australian artists to remind you about snailmails, way back before emails were a thing. So, with this interactive installation, you can tweet a message to the mailbox and your message will pop up on the “body” of the mailbox in an emoji. The artists recommends to tweet environmental friendly tweets. Just hashtag #ilightmarinabay and #mailbox in your tweet and poof, it’ll be on the body.

Another one that I enjoyed was this steampunk octopus called, Octopoda. The drums at the base of the octopus’ feet are for you to beat. The faster you beat the drums, the faster the lights on the legs change.

This one was done by a group of Thai artists that is inspired by Singaporean’s love (or addition) towards coffee. The Chandelier of Spirits was made with over a thousand recycled cold brew coffee bottles sources from local coffee places. Since coffee represents energy, this seemingly mellow exhibition is interactive too. The more people standing below the lights would cause the lights to flicker faster, representing more energy when more people are around.

The one installation you must visit for some trippy and Instaworthy shots is the Passage. It's a short tunny filled with interchanging colours of lights. Think: strutting down a lane with flickering colour surrounding you.

Here's one called With Love.. by a French artist who wanted to show through his work "the love of people". This piece beats like a heart and the rhythm will change throughout the day.

Is it a rock? Is it a tent? What is it? The students at Nanyang Polytechnic brings you Kloud. Why cloud? Because when you look up the skies on a dreamy sunny afternoon, you'd see clouds and eveyone is always inclined to think what each cloud looks like. So what is this installation? It's anything you want it to be. You can even download a mobile app from here and you'd get to change the colour of the biggest "cloud" you see there.

Here's one by student from LASALLE College, bringing back memories of the light sways of the cogon gross, of more affectionately known as the laland plant. Light Breeze is a tribute to the underdogs of Singapore's diminishing flora and fauna.

This was the highlight of the night. The 3D projection show on the Art Science Museum. Yes, ON the museum. I rushed to the bridge across from the museum just to catch a great view of the 3 minute projection show. It’s not certain how often the projection plays but each will last about 3 minutes.

There’s so much more than what we saw in one night. Make sure you put on some comfortable shoes, cause you’re going to be walking a lot!

Will anyone be anywhere without food? Since the exhibition spans across where the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival is, they would share the same food vendors. Click here to see what we tried previously at the carnival.

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