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Hotel Jen Tanglin Introduces Relay Robot, JENA!

In November, Hotel Jen Singapore marked a new milestone as the first international hotel brand to use autonomous relay robots in Asia. Both Hotel Jen at Orchardgateway and Hotel Jen Tanglin welcomed JENO and JENA respectively.

JENO is a lovely shade of turquoise, while JENA sports a very dainty pink, both the brand colours of Hotel Jen. JENO seems to be wearing a jacket and tie, while JENA is decked out in a pretty pink scarf.

We got to personally experience the relay robot system when we were in Hotel Jen Tanglin earlier in December.

I’m the kind of traveller who likes to spend quite a lot of time in the hotel, enjoying its facilities and various offerings. So while I was at Hotel Jen Tanglin, I went to the gym a couple of times and I swam too - which meant I ended up finishing quite a lot of shampoo and shower gel before the end of my trip.

I also used up a couple of towels and needed to call for more. AND since I was exercising quite a lot, I needed more water bottles.

This is something of a common practice for me whenever I visit hotels. I often feel that I am annoying housekeeping by always asking for stuff. So I try to keep it to a minimum.

But this time, with Hotel Jen Tanglin’s JENA, I didn’t have to feel shy about requesting items so many times.

After calling housekeeping for my request, JENA would promptly show up at my doorstep within 15 minutes. I would get a call each time to announce her arrival. Once I open the door, she will open up her latch to reveal my requested items. It was quite a fun experience but even more so, a convenient one.

JENA is made available to guests 24/7. So yes, even if you need a bottle of water in the middle of the night, JENA will deliver it to you.

Check out our experience in this video:

To experience this super cool relay robot yourself, book a room at Hotel Jen Tanglin or Hotel Jen Orchardgateway!

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