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Flashbang Singapore is in Town!

The festive season is here and you can see many carnivals, Christmas markets and pop up stalls opening up everywhere island-wide.

One of the more interesting ones that we went to was Flashbang, Singapore’s first and largest creative retail playground over at Somerset.

This playground that’s open from 9 to 30 December is nicely decorated with neon lights everywhere. I would highly suggest for you to go in the evening for some insta-worthy shots.

Flashbang opens every day from 3pm onwards and during weekend evenings (7pm to 11pm), there are live performances for you to enjoy. And on Christmas Eve (24 Dec), the night activities will be extended till 1am for everyone to celebrate Christmas together.

Oh, and if you pay for your stuff via GrabPay, you’d get to enjoy $3 off with your first three transactions at Flashbang with a minimum spending of $3, but this is limited to the first $100,000 redemptions. So, make you way down there quick!

So, we took a tour around Flashbang and have picked out some of the top foods you should try out!

1. 25 Degrees – Number 1 Burger ($10) The perfect burger if you like blue cheese! The people over at 25 Degrees are definitely generous when it comes to the cheese, but I did think that the beef patty was a little too well done for my liking.

2. SOyCube – Signature SOyCube Tofu ($5) I get how the most of us have been indulging in many Christmas delicacies over this season, so here’s something a little less sinful. The fried tofu with nacho cheese is definitely an easy snack to eat while you take a walk around all the stalls too.

3. Supply & Demand – Garlic truffle Fries ($9) You can never go wrong with some truffle fries! I absolutely loved the thick cut fries and how every fry was evenly coated with truffle oil.

4. Oden! O’damn! – Oden ($5) At an outdoor event, this is something I totally did not expect. But it was one of my favourites and on a cool evening, this is definitely a comforting snack.

5. Fusion Grill – Grilled Beef with Cheese ($5) This kind of reminded of something out of a street market in Taiwan. Make sure you eat this quick though! The cheese hardens quite fast. I unfortunately got a batch that was very well done, so the beef was quite tough.

6. The French Garcon – Salted Egg Mac & Cheese ($6) The salted egg trend is still alive and loud. This was another favourite of mine over here at Flashbang. I liked that the salted egg wasn’t way too overpowering, so you could also taste hints of cheese. This is a definite must try!

7. Good Chance Popiah – Fried Tempura Kimchi Popiah with Cheese ($5) This not so traditional popiah really caught my attention. The kimchi filling was legit! And the popiah skin was fried to a nice crisp.

8. Sin Lee Foods x MOJO – Durian Pengat with Caramel and Crumble ($6) Love durian? This is a must have for you then. When I took my first bite into this, I thought I was digging into actual durian meat.

9. Liquid Luck – Sodas ($9) Wash all those food down with some ice-cold refreshing drinks that are also totally insta-worthy! We particularly liked the lychee flavoured one.

There are so much more food around that you can try out too! We even saw a stall from Enchanted, which we have previously reviewed here.

Apart from all the glorious food, check out the retail side of this playground. There’s an arcade area where you’d get to relive your childhood playing games, or do some shopping and support our local vendors.

There are many activities you can also participate in here. Want to find out more? Make your way down to Flashbang yourself! I promise you’d have a bang-up time there!

Flashbang Open-air carpark (behind 313@Somerset) Grange Road Website:

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