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Fishbone Local, Canggu Bali

When we went to Bali recently, we decided to go to different districts of the island. One of the districts that we stumbled across was Canggu.

That is where we found this treasure - Fishbone Local.

Fishbone Local might seem like a pretty hectic bar from the outside, with crowds seated at tables around the vicinity and loud music playing. But once you step in, you'll see that it's actually quite an oasis. A paradise amidst all the partying in Bali.

They've got this amazing grass patch at the back where you can just lay back and chill on pillows and attempt to stargaze.

The restaurant itself gets pretty busy. And with good reason too! The food here is amazing, the drinks are well mixed and the vibe is just laidback.

So of course, once you walk in and see a bar, you just gotta try some drinks. That's exactly what we did. They've got all kinds of drinks here, from anything sweet to something strong. We started off with a local Margarita, a rum rambler and Goldy's Gin Gimlet. You can sit by the bar and watch the bartender expertly whip up your drinks, or perhaps grab a seat overlooking the grass patch.

For us, we sat right in the middle of the action, between the bar and the grass patch. From there, we could watch our drinks being made, the hectic kitchen situation as well as the calm and serenity of the grass area. It was quite a good balance.

Of course, the vibe alone is not what drew us to the place. One of the pull factors is definitely the food. We started off with some fish tacos (which we ate wrongly! because we were so hungry and distracted). But it was tasty nonetheless. Our tip? Make sure to put the pineapple in the taco, wrap it up and eat it whole!!

One of the dishes that totally blew our minds were the crispy squid seasoned with chilli salt and served with an aioli. We had to ask for a second helping of the aioli - it was so addictive! We polished this entire dish off within seconds. SECONDS.

Next, we had the prawn toast. I have had something similar to this in KL and both were equally good renditions. This is a great starter to have and if you've never tried a prawn toast in your life, this is a good one to set a benchmark for future ones.

Next, we had a Vietnamese slaw, which was so hearty and delicious! The portion may not look very big but don't let it fool you. It was tough for three of us to finish this sizeable salad.

Finally, for mains, we tried three types of fish - the pan seared barramundi, the BBQ swordfish and the seared tuna loin. The barramundi was a nice start to the mains. But we don't have much to say for it, because it was totally overshadowed by the swordfish and the tuna loin!

The swordfish was the perfect consistency. It was so soft and buttery on the inside and had that smoky chargrill taste on the outside. Three skewers were surprisingly filling. Having this paired with the sweet potato & ginger puree and the sauteed greens, we were blown away. As a Chinese person, having stir fry vegetables is a norm. But this was THE BEST stir fry vegetables I had ever had. In my entire life. (Sorry, mom.) We easily voted the combination of these three dishes as our favourites... until we tried the tuna loin.

So, anyone who knows me well knows I don't eat raw fish (or even lightly seared/smoked). I like my fish cooked through. This made me drop all my inhibitions. I had to try it. It looked like a steak and TASTED EVEN BETTER. I was converted after the first bite. I actually finished most of this dish on my own. Just look how beautifully pink it is on the inside!

If you're EVER in Bali, I don't care which district you're in, you've GOT to stop by Fishbone Local to try their amazing dishes.

Fishbone Local

Bali No.:99, Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong, Canggu,

North Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361, Indonesia.

Open from 12PM - 12AM daily.

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