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Favourite Lunch Spots at Glasgow for under £10

I'm always on the look out for the best spots to have lunch in the city especially since I'm often in town for work. Although I'm open to spending money on delicious foods, I try not to spend over £10 every time I'm out for an afternoon meal.

So here's a list of my favourite spots to eat lunch in Glasgow, from the cheapest option to the most expensive one. Let's go! 1) Accento Cafe | £5.00

It's not a secret that I love Accento Cafe. It's one of my go-to spots in Finnieston, Glasgow for coffee, a panino and the occasional slice of cake or bowl of tiramisu. The cool thing is that every weekday, they have a lunch time meal deal that serves up any classic panino and a soup of the day OR a drink (coffee, water or canned drink) for only £5.00! This is a major steal.

Their paninis are delicious, packed with quality ingredients and more than enough for your work break. And to combat that afternoon slump, pair your meal with a double shot caffe latte. If you want to know more about Accento Cafe, read our review here.

​​2) Panko | £6.50

Panko is a spot I go to when I want a heavy rice lunch. It's a stones throw away from Glasgow Central Station and is quite unpretentious in its facade and interior. However, they're never short of yummy Japanese rice dishes in this place! My favourite is the Salmon Teriyaki rice which is only £6.50 for quite a big portion. It is served with tons of Salmon Teriyaki on top of rice, drizzled with green spring onions, mayonnaise and pickled vegetables. They also have other dishes like Chicken Katsu rice for £5.50, which is equally as yummy but my favourite will forever be the Salmon Teriyaki rice!

They only sell bottled water though so I recommend taking away your lunch or bringing your beverage of choice if you're dining in.

3) Oaka | £7.50

Oaka is a trendy Asian market located right in the city centre, about 5 minutes walk from George Square. It caters very well to young students who study in the area with their affordable lunch offerings. I dropped by for a quick lunch and ordered myself a Steamed Chicken Rice, Pandan Bao and some hot green tea. The bill came up to £7.50. I was pleasantly surprised by the portion of food. The paper bowl of Steamed Chicken Rice, which had curry steamed chicken and vegetables was filled to the brim and they served TWO Pandan Baos! Safe to say that I packed the second bao as a midnight snack for later.

I'm definitely heading back to try more of their food! They also have other flavoured baos, dumplings and rice dishes on their menu.

4) Temaki | £8.50 Temaki is the only place in the city centre, located practically next to Glasgow Central Station, that serves sushi burrito; a Californian-Japanese fusion dish that is currently the craze in town. When I'm feeling like having a somewhat healthier option for lunch but want to be full, I will definitely go for the Temaki. The sushi burrito variant pictured below is the Spicy Salmon. This £8.50 sushi burrito is approximately 25cm long and is filled with all the goodness of sushi you'd expect. It's fresh and delicious. This dish is also perfect for takeaways as its manageable size allows you to eat it at a near by park or a square while basking in the afternoon sun, which is what I did.

5) Yippon | £8.90 ​If you're feeling like you want to treat yourself and indulge in something sinful, head over to Yippon which is located just a few metres away from Oaka. They have softserve ice cream, and being the cheeky person that I am, I had the Matcha Softserve with marshmallow for lunch. That's right.

That wasn't just all I had. I also bought a pack of sushi to bring home and enjoy on the comfort of my couch. They make fresh sushi daily for takeaways so if you're in a rush and craving for sashimi, this is a pretty good option to consider.

6) RAMEN DAYO | £9.50 You're thinking I'm being a little bit extravagant at this point right? But hey, sometimes you just want a nice, comforting bowl of ramen to warm you up, especially on a cold rainy day. What could be better than pork broth that's been stewing for hours? At Ramen Dayo, you can order a simple Tonkotsu Ramen with a side of aji-tama boiled egg for £9.50. If you choose not to have the boiled egg, it'll only cost you £7.50 but what is ramen without a runny yolk?

7) Riverhill Cafe Bar | £10.80

And lastly, the Chicken Shawarma, soup of the day and coffee from Riverhill Cafe Bar. I know, it's over £10, but I'm not about to go to one of the best cafes in the city and not order coffee just so I can save 80p! :) In my opinion, the Chicken Shawarma is one of the best things Riverhill has to serve. It's massive and super tasty. If you're not greedy like me, this will probably be enough for your lunch. However, I'm a bit of a glutton so I had to pair this with some soup. They were serving French Onion soup that day and it was nice and chunky with tons of croutons and cheese mixed into one delicious soup. I was left very satisfied after that hearty lunch. On a side note, their milk coffees are also amazing. Both Accento and Riverhill are my top picks for milk coffees so go try them out now!

I hope you like these suggestion! I might do a second post as there are PLENTY more spots around Glasgow with affordable lunches to try. However, these spots definitely gravitate towards satisfying my tummy while not breaking the bank at the same time. Hope you check out these spots and enjoy!

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