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Drinks at Komyuniti @ YOTEL, Orchard

Komyuniti is a new chic and unique dining experience brought to you by YOTEL. If you’ve been following us closely, you’d know that we were pretty overwhelmed by the sheer amount of food and drinks we were served when we came here to dine. So, we decided to split the food and drinks into two articles. Click here to check out the food.

Apart from the amazing food here, Komyuniti has launched its first cocktail programme under its F&B manager As’ad Isnin. We had (much more than) a sip of their new cocktails here and we’re glad to say that we might have found our new regular drinking spot.

Most bars would spot a signature drink that is exclusively found there. Komyuniti’s signature cocktail is the KOMpliment ($18), a fruity and fragrant drink, made with butterfly pea flower-infused gin, fresh lemon, violet liqueur, egg white, hibiscus perfume and orange bitters. This drink has a pretty sweet and tangy flavour profile, making it easy to drink and super refreshing.

For those of you who are constantly on the lookout for cocktails with interesting ingredients, the Chaussettes ($18) is sure to catch your attention. This drink is a mixture of a house-infused truffle vodka, cheese syrup, fresh lemon, egg white, lemon bitters, grated parmesan and truffle oil. I remember vividly smelling truffle even before the drink was set on the table. The Chaussettes spots a strong truffle and cheese flavour with a slight sourish hint from the lemon.

The La Negra Rita ($18) is a drink after my own heart and one of my favourite drinks here. I loved that it came in a pretty dark colour but tasted sweet and citrusy. This is a mix of kaffir leaf-infused tequila blanco, charcoal syrup, orange liqueur, fresh lime, citrus foam, orange blossom water and black salt.

These three drinks mentioned are just some of the sours you can find in Komyuniti’s cocktail menu. But it definitely doesn’t end here. For those of you who’d like something fruitier, the next three tropical cocktails might be just the thing for you.

For something with a little spice, try the Mexico City, which has an orange-infused mezcal base with 5 days fermented pineapple juice, beer reduction, fresh lime, spiced ginger beer, aromatic bitters, ginger candy and tajin.

For something with a creamier note, the Tiki Chin Chin is the perfect one, with its vanilla-infused gin, homemade Falernum liqueur, honey ginger, fresh lime, fresh grapefruit, aromatic bitters, cinnamon and pineapple foam.

And this drink is pretty theatrical, so make sure you have your cameras ready!

Here's another cocktail with some pretty interesting ingredients. So what we have here with the Tropic Thunder is spiced rum, curry-banana syrup (who would've thought of combining that?!), cashew Falernum liqueur, fresh passion fruit, fresh pineapple, fresh lemon, peychauds bitters and grapefruit tonic. Surprisingly, this turned out to be my favourite drink among the tropical cocktails lot, as it was somewhat tangy, sweet and little spicy all in one.

And lastly, here and some cocktails with a harder kick for those of you who like your drinks stronger.

Meat lovers out there, this cocktail is a must-try! The Fat Roger features fat-washed bourbon, cacao-herb liqueur, chocolate bitters and topped with smoked ham with dried cranberries. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this drink, as it goes down pretty easy with its smooth texture. The Fat Roger has a smokey and slightly meaty flavour to it. And you can see your drink getting smoked right in front of you, another one for the 'grams!

Make sure you take a bite off the ham and cranberries and sip the drink together for added oomph!

And last but not least, the Benjamin Button is a mix of coconut-washed whiskey, cherry-infused port wine, old fashioned bitters and topped with candy floss. This drink is also smoked in front of you to give it an overall smokey flavour. Before you drink this, push your candy floss down and let it dissolve in the drink, giving it a sweet touch.

Overall, I would say Komyuniti is the perfect spot to let loose after a crazy week at work, or even the perfect date spot.

Komyuniti YOTEL Level 10, 366 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238904

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