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Down To Bones, Taman OUG

Lovers of pork ribs will LOVE Down To Bones, a casual Western eatery at Taman OUG. A bright neon sign welcomes you with the tagline “sek pai guat, hari hari kuat” which roughly translates to “eat ribs, be strong everyday”.

I absolutely love the interior of the place, which is a very simple “coffeeshop-like” design with a hint of vintage touches (like an old arcade game at the front and their classic metal stools).

The concept here is an open kitchen, which means you get to see, smell and hear your food being cooked. The smoke tends to get around the restaurant quite a bit, but that just adds to your experience here at Down To Bones.

We started off our meal with a mushroom soup, which tasted unlike other mushroom soups we’ve tried elsewhere in KL. It’s a little lighter than the usual mushroom soups we typically get, but that’s due to the fact that they use enoki mushrooms for the soup. It was an interesting twist, one that left us all with polarising opinions. I liked it while the others didn’t quite fancy it.

Next we tried their aglio olio with pork ribs. I personally loved the aglio olio and believed it to be one of the better ones we’ve tried in KL. Paired with the pork, it made a winning combination.

We also tried their butter chicken pasta, which we were told was a best seller. No surprises there because it is such an easily likeable dish. Though many things can go wrong with a butter sauce, DTB hit the mark with this one.

Next time, we had their chicken wings. We tried both the spicy and soy flavours. I preferred the spicy, but didn’t think it was spicy at all. If anything it tasted more like barbecue sauce than spicy sauce. But the chicken was perfectly cooked and was juicy the whole way through.

For mains, we tried all three of their mains, the chicken, lamb and pork ribs. We were very pleasantly surprised by the chicken as we didn’t expect much from it. It blew us away with how tender and flavourful the meat was. It was definitely one of our favourite dishes for the evening.

How good the lamb tasted also came as a surprise to me. I am not usually a big fan of lamb due to the smell (and also perhaps the fact that not many places actually do lamb very well). But I found this one easy to eat and enjoyed the slight char flavour from the grill.

Finally, the star of the show had to be the pork ribs. You can literally eat it down to the Bones with little effort because the meat is so tender and soft, it falls off the bone when you bite into it. Plastic disposable gloves are provided for you to enjoy the meal with your hands and we really appreciated that.

Overall, the meal was incredible at Down To Bones. We paired our dishes with some Hite beer, which was perfect! But we also made sure to head upstairs to The Red Chamber afterwards for more craft beer and cocktails once our meals had settled.

We will be coming back to DTB again for sure! They also deliver food upstairs to The Red Chamber if you want a bite to eat while having craft beers.

Down To Bones

8, Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3,

Taman Overseas Union,

58200 Kuala Lumpur.

Open daily from 12-3:30pm; 6pm-10:30pm.

Closed on Thursdays

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