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  • Nicholas Yong

Double Rendang Beef Burger at Burger King Singapore

I love fast food. I also love localised takes on fast food.

So when the chance to try Burger King’s new Rendang Beef burger came along, I jumped at the chance.

The Rendang Burger isn’t *exactly* new (it’s been around since 1987!) but this year’s version is new and improved.

You can get the Rendang Burger and snag a cool limited edition T-shirt too – from 30 July onwards, if you order the Taste of Singapore Indulgence Bundle ($15) from Deliveroo, it comes with a Double Rendang Beef Burger, four-piece Nuggets, Hershey Sundae Pie, Sjora Mango Peach, plus the limited T.

The T-shirt is pretty cool too, the acronyms will be familiar to Singaporeans (SBS, CBF, URA, and HDB). But it’s only limited to the first 85 people so fastest fingers wins.

As for the burger itself, it’s overflowing with rendang sauce (in a good way!). It doesn’t feel overwhelming, and the authentic rendang taste goes well with the juicy Burger King beef. It’s pretty big like a Whopper too, plenty to enjoy until the last bite. There's also the Rendang Tendergrill Chicken ($6.50) too, but I'm more of a beef burger fan so I haven't tried that yet.

Don’t forget to keep the Hershey Sundae Pie in the freezer for dessert while you’re enjoying your Rendang Burger (thank us later).

For Singapore National Day, Burger King this year is serving an Ultimate Rendang Double Angus Beef Burger (with crispy turkey bacon strips) and Rendang Shiok Shake Up (fries and chicken nuggets swimming in rendang sauce). For dessert, there's the Ondeh Boleh Pie, Gula Melaka BBT Green Tea Float, Gula Melaka BBT Malty Float, and the Gula Melaka BBT Sundae. Haven't had the chance to try these yet but will definitely do so.

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