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Chef Wan's Kitchen's Ramadan Special, Esplanade Mall

Chef Wan is known to be one of Malaysia's culinary heroes and has a F&B background of 35 years behind him. His signature dishes has landed in Singapore at an all-you-can-eat Buffet Ramadan spread. These recipes have been passed down from generations and savoured by royalties, international celebrities and the list goes on.

Here are some of the dishes below we thought were delicious and worth a try!

We started off with the Cucur Udang, a deep fried prawn fritter. This is a common street food in Malaysia or you will find this in most homes for afternoon tea. Apart from that there were spring rolls, emping and samosas on offer.

There was a live station for Bibik Neo's Laksa. This is Chef Wan's grandmothers recipe that she used to cook for him as a child on special occasions. The broth had a depth of spices married with the coconut milk, sambal, quail eggs and fresh prawns. It was truly delicious, we went back for a second helping!

Next, we moved on to the Sambal Petai Udang. This is another classic dish with an exotic bean called petai, most commonly referred to as "stinky beans". The combination of the spicy sauce and the fresh prawns was so satisfying that you could only taste a hint of bitterness from the petai if you are not fond of that flavour.

This is Chef Wan's Selangor Beef Rendang. We can say it is certainly not crispy but soft and it melts in your mouth! The beef is tender and has been cooked for hours. Trust us, you will keep on going back for more.

Next, we had the Lala Masak Kunyit which is translated to cockles cooked in a spicy tumeric sauce. What brought this dish together was the gravy and a good hit of flavours.

The Stir-fried French Beans with Chilli and Dried Shrimp was one of our favourite vegetarian dishes for the night, truly simplistic and delectable at the same time.

The last main dish we had for the night is Ayam Percik. This chicken is marinated in 8 different types of spices hence why it was packed with flavour and was moist on the inside.

We ended the night with a trio of cakes: chocolate, pandan and cheese.

The whole buffet was just simply delicious, a true showcase of heritage Malay cooking!

We would also like to wish all our muslim readers a selamat berbuka puasa during this month of Ramadan.

Here are some specials for you to enjoy with your family during this period available now till 13th June 2018.

Do note that every second diner gets to enjoy a 50% discount when you purchase Chef Wan’s Kitchen buffet voucher and booking through CHOPE! (click here).

“90 minute Early bird special” – 50% off every second diner at 5pm!

*Reservation needed, please call +65 6397 4911.

Chef Wan's Kitchen

8 Raffles Avenue, #02-14 Esplanade Mall

Singapore 039802

Weekdays Adult: $35.50+ Child: $15.50+

Weekends Adult: $40.50+ Child: $17.50+

During the period, Chef Wan’s Kitchen will only be opened for dinner from 5pm to 10pm daily.

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