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CHAR, Jalan Besar

Have you ever struggled to find a communal dining place with great ambience that serves Chinese roasts? Enter CHAR, a restaurant that not only offers traditional Chinese roasts with a twist, but also a stellar selection of Cantonese food to pair with.

The Passionfruit Prawn Ball ($22) was a choice starter with its crisp deep-fried prawns and creamy passionfruit dressing. The surprise element of passionfruit pearls and red peppers complimented the dish, resulting in a delightfully sweet and tangy appetiser that had me craving for seconds.

If you prefer to start off with something soupy, fret not, for their Signature Double Boiled Chicken Soup ($10) is available on the menu! The amazingly robust and flavourful soup is made by boiling chicken bones and cartilage for four and a half hours, resulting in a collagen-filled broth of natural goodness. My only qualm was that it may get cloy, but the taste of the soup won me over. Do note that there are limited bowls per day!

The main highlight for the day was the impeccably plated Premium Slow-Roasted Char Siew ($20 for 150g). Not only was it only well presented, the lychee wood-smoked kurobuta pork was caramelised to a glazed perfection. The intense aroma when it was brought of the kitchen left us turning heads and it surely did not disappoint. However, this dish is limited to only 10 portions a day and is available for dinner only, so do not hesitate to reserve a table for this must-try dish!

The Signature Char Siew ($6 per 100g, for a minimum of 300g) however, was a clear winner for me with its slightly-charred and delicate sliced Dutch pork. It is not only indulgent, the amount of sauce made it a sticky and decadent dish. I’m already salivating just thinking about it!

If you’re looking for meat that requires little effort to chew, the Black Garlic Stewed Chicken in Casserole ($15.80) is the perfect choice with its super soft and tender meat. The black garlic in the dish was surprisingly not pungent and delivered a sweet flavour. Do pair it with a bowl of rice and you'll be set for a meal! Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with what CHAR has to offer along with its reasonably priced menu. I would definitely make a reservation here for a quality communal dining experience with either family or friends.

CHAR Restaurant 363 Jalan Besar Road Singapore 208994 Telephone: 6842 7759 / 9661 3578 Operating Hours: Lunch: 11.30am -2.30pm (Last order at 2pm) Dinner: 6pm – 10pm (Last order at 9.30pm) Tuesday to Sunday (Closed on Mondays)

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