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Celebrate Mother's Day with Chateraise

I have a confession to make. I go to Chateraise every week to spoil myself with a dose of “Steamed Bun of Milk Taste” — a really creamy Hokkaido Milk ice cream with red bean fillings.

So when Chateraise invited us to taste their new cakes and desserts, I leaped at the chance.

Chateraise has actually been in Singapore for 4 years, and now has 25 stores islandwide. It was founded in Japan back in 1954, and pioneered the farm to factory system. This means everything across the production chain — from their 121 farms, to the factories, and finally to the actual stores around the world are all owned or contracted by Chateraise to maintain high quality and standard practices across the board. That’s probably why they are the number 1 confectionery manufacturer in Japan.

This also explains why I can’t buy a Chateraise ice cream in my nearby 7-11.

How does Chateraise maintain high quality standards? For instance, unlike most dessert stores that use bigger American strawberries, Chateraise prefers to use Japanese strawberries fresh from their contracted farms, which gets delivered directly to their own factory without passing through a market or distributor. It’s also much sweeter than your typical strawberry too.

Chateraise fresh cream is made from Hokkaido fresh milk, which has a more dense flavour because the grain-fed Hokkaido cows drink less water. Chateraise opts for a low heat pasteurising process, which has a longer processing time but results in a slightly sweeter, thicker flavour. It’s this addictive taste that’s behind most of the Hokkaido fresh milk products at Chateraise, including my favourite ice cream.

Custard cream, like in their famous Double Fantasy are made from eggs freshly laid on the same day. Chateraise claims that why their custard cream tastes richer than others (and it does). Plus, custard cream two days old are no longer used so freshness standards are maintained.

My favourite of all, the red bean paste, is actually washed and boiled from Hokkaido Adzuki Beans using their famous Hakushu spring water. It's the same bottled water they sell in Chateraise. This water is also used in making Suntory whisky (coincidentally, Suntory and Chateraise’s factories are neighbours). The red beans are considered uncommon in Hokkaido too. No wonder it tastes much more sweeter than regular red beans.

Also, did you know that all their items are actually made in Japan, then shipped to their stores around the world? None of the cakes are made in Singapore, or anywhere else.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, Chateraise has several new offerings, including a DIY customisable Mother’s Portrait Whole Cake 15cm ($45) made of three layers of fresh cream, vanilla sponge cake and strawberry sauce. It comes with a chocolate pen for you to pen a heartfelt message to the most important woman in your life.

Other cakes in this series include the the Mother’s Day Chocolate Fresh Cream Whole Cake ($20), the only chocolate offering with cereal, and the Mother’s Day Strawberry Cake ($6.50), a dome shaped cake with plenty of hidden sweet treats inside.

There's also the Mother’s Day Fruits Zebra Whole Cake ($40) perfect for mum’s who love crepe cakes and the Mother’s Day Pure Heart Whole Cake ($30).

And finally, the cakes covered in decadent strawberries. the Mother’s Day Thank You Whole Cake ($30), Mother’s Day Sweet Strawberry Roll ($32) and Mother’s Day Love Blossom Whole Cake ($53).

These Mother's Day cakes are available now while stocks last.

There are also some cute animal-themed small cakes that look too adorable to sink your teeth into. The yoghurt flavoured mousse cake Happy Easter Cute Bird ($5.10) with white chocolate mousse and strawberry jelly centre, the velvety strawberry mousse cake Cute Bunny ($5.10) with white chocolate cereal flakes and strawberry sauce core, as well as the white chocolate mousse cake Cute Panda ($5.10) with chocolate sauce in the centre.

We also got to try their most popular offerings, like the fresh cream filled Double Fantasy ($1.90), the Roll Brûlée ($3.90) with crispy caramelised outside and fresh cream inside, and their Legendary Fresh Cream Cake ($5.10) that’s 4 layers of indulgent strawberry, fresh cream and vanilla sponge at the base.

Craving for their sweet treats? Click here to find out the nearest Chateraise location near you.

Chateraise ION Orchard

2 Orchard Turn #B4-45/46

Singapore 238801

Opening Hours:

Everyday: 10:30am - 10pm

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