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Akira Back, Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park Bangkok

Akira Back at the famed Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park is the latest global offering from Akira Back’s award-winning Korean-born, American-raised chef who is currently redefining Asian cuisine here in Bangkok.

The restaurant’s exciting and vibrant dishes reflect it’s cultural heritage and brand. The modern style gastronomy is inventive, blending Japanese and Korean elements with international influences; a truly ‘east meets west’ approach.

Located on the hotel’s 37th floor, patrons are treated to a breathtaking view of Bangkok’s amazing skyline while enjoying scrumptious food prepared by their chefs. Reminiscent of their famed Michelin-starred restaurant in Seoul, the restaurant boasts 4 different venues; main dining area, sushi bar, an omakase bar and four private dining rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows for added privacy and exclusivity.

AB Tacos (340 THB)

We started off with their house specialty AB Tacos — a Korean-inspired taco dish that is filled with delicious wagyu bulgogi and drizzled with roasted tomato ponzu. Its bite-size nature makes this perfect for starters or snacking while sipping your favourite sake on a Friday evening.

Tuna Pizza (430 THB)

This dish takes the traditional pizza to a whole new level. Instead of your regular Italian ingredients, the chefs use thinly sliced tuna lathered with umami aioli and drizzled with truffle oil. The sweet smell of truffle resonates in every slice. This is one of my favourite dishes here at Akira Back.

​Scallops In Half Shell (420 THB) This is a perfect example of east meets west. Fresh scallops are cooked with yummy bacon bits and kimchi and drenched in kochujang butter. This dish is not your typical seafood offering and it definitely stands out on its own.

Black Onyx Ribeye (1,350 THB)

300 grams of Australian Angus mb 3+ served with wasabi butter sauce

One of the highlight dishes was the Black Onyx Ribeye that was amazingly cooked and prepared to perfection. 300 grams of Australian Angus (mb 3+) cooked until medium and drenched in delicious wasabi butter sauce. The chefs kept this dish as simple as possible as to not ruin the original taste of the Angus. A definite must-try when you decide to drop by.

Fois Gras Fried Rice (520 THB)

The fois gras fried rice perfectly pairs the seared fois gras dish. You can’t go wrong with fried rice in Thailand, especially one that is meticulously prepared by the team at Akira Back. Served with unagi kabayaki and seaweed.

Seared Fois Gras (560 THB)

I’m not the biggest fan of fois gras due to my picky nature when it comes to food (such an irony being a foodie) but this rendition is truly special. The fois gras is well cooked with a silky smooth texture that melts in your mouth. Served with fried corn croquette, kochujang miso and drizzled with spiced acacia honey.

Akira’s Sampler (2,300 THB)

This is the grand finale, the Akira Sampler is the grand finale that is beautifully prepared by the good people at Akira Back. The sampler consist of 6 kinds of sashimi and nigiri with a signature roll chosen by the chef. We tried a plethora of fish on offer; namely the tuna, shima aji (stripped horsemackerel), hirame (Japense halibut), red snapper and of course, salmon.

The sushi roll that we had was called the Perfect Storm. Aptly named as it has delicious spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, salmon belly aburi and chipotle mayo. The spiciness of this roll is not too overpowering but enough to give awaken your senses.

Being sushi lovers, we could tell that the team took their time to ensure every cut is perfect and fresh for consumption. The sampler is great if you have a party of 4 and want to try the amazing selection sushi that Akira Back has to offer. And not forgetting the presentation, an Instagrammer’s dream come true!

Chocolate Souffle The chocolate souffle, a very delicate dessert, needs to be eaten quickly upon arrival before it collapses. In Akira Back's case, they did such a good job with executing the dessert perfectly, that even after 10 seconds of shooting, the dessert held up its structure confidently. We sunk our teeth into the soft souffle and warm, melty middle and we were hooked! This is a must-try here at Akira Back. It was also our favourite dessert out of the other desserts we tried at Akira Back.

We will definitely return to Akira Back, knowing its high quality and standards when it comes to hotel dining.

Akira Back

199 Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park

Klong Ton, Klong Toey, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Opens daily 12-2:30pm & 6-10:30pm

+66 2 059 5926

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