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3 cheap pizza spots in London

London is a super expensive city, we all know that. So in order to save some money while balancing your need to eat out, you're gonna need to find some eating spots that fill up that hungry belly at a cheaper price point. Don't worry, I got you covered!

And what better way to satisfy your hunger than affordable and delicious pizzas! Here are 3 cheap spots I can recommend to you in the centre of London: 1) Pizza Union, Spitafields

Next to the busy Liverpool Street, you can find Pizza Union nestled in the corner beside Northumbria University and Newcastle University London. Perfect for both the students lingering around the area and the fast-paced employee from the surrounding offices. Pizza Union offers affordable pizzas with a variety of toppings on top of a crispy base. I tried the Vesuvo which is a 12" thin and crispy pizza with tomato sauce, mixed peppers, pepperoni, green chillies and cracked chillies for only £5.50! I liked it a lot. It was spicy and the perfect size for lunch. I'd say the base was crunchy and thin enough to not make you feel too sickeningly full and put you in a food coma later in the day. 2) Franco Manca, Broadway Market

Every time I'm in London, I always get Franco Manca because I usually stay nearby Broadway Market. A lot of people order from here, especially on a sunny day because you can order take away and head to London Fields, which is 2 minutes walk away, and have a picnic. And this was exactly what I did! My favourite Franco Manca sourdough 12" pizza is the no. 5, which has tomato, garlic, oregano, capers, olives, Cantabrian anchovies & mozzarella for only £7.55. I LOVE anchovies and capers on pizza. In fact, even when I'm in Italy, I always tend to lean towards these toppings. They're perfect together! The dough for this pizza is definitely heavier and fluffier, perhaps because it's sourdough. It reminds me more of Neapolitan style pizza, but not as airy. It's definitely heavier than PIzza Union though. 3) Home Slice, Neil's Yard

My pal brought me to Home Slice in Neil's Yard. To my surprise, they serve 20" pizzas for £20! Not bad if you're sharing between 2-3, maybe even 4 people (if you guys aren't crazy hungry)! Then the cost would come up to about £5-£10 per person. However, they do serve slices for £4 which I think is a bit expensive so I'd recommend visiting as a group and order a 20" pizza with the 50/50 toppings so you can try out of the menu. We had half a classic Margharita, and Mushroom, Ricotta, Pumpkin Seeds and Chillies for the other half. As a massive pizza to feed multiple mouths, I thought it was great! I don't have much to complain about the Margharita, I mean, you can't mess up a classic (and if you do, don't ever serve pizza)! The Mushroom one was super delightful. Packed with toppings, I mean look at that photo! It was so filling! I would say that this pizza is on the greasier and doughy side, so go with a very empty, hungry stomach and get ready to devour a monstrous meal! So those are the my 3 choices for cheap pizzas! All yummy, all different and all affordable in the expensive city of London. Enjoy! Bon appetito!

Pizza Union: Franco Manca: Home Slice:

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