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Naylors Foods Malaysia: Best Potato Salad & Coleslaw

Christmas is just around the corner and the festivities have already begun with Thanksgiving just past us. With invitation after invitation in the (e)mail, we’ve completely run out of ideas on dishes to bring for pot luck parties. So when we discovered Naylor Farms coleslaw and potato salads at Jaya Grocer, we were pretty relieved. It’s the perfect party contribution and it is absolutely delicious.

Here are the four packets we tried:

Naylors Potato Salad (RM9.90) Potato salad is one of my favourite side dishes. When done right, it can be the HIGHLIGHT of any meal. I really like the Naylor Farms version because it is super creamy and rich. It’s got a nice tang to it and you can be sure that one serving is not enough!

Naylors Original Coleslaw (RM9.90) Coleslaw is another great side dish to have for year-end dinners and we haven’t found any as crunchy and delicious as this one! It has the perfect vegetable to mayonnaise ratio and for something that comes out of a packet, it is incredibly fresh! According to my husband who is a huge fan of coleslaw, his honest feedback is this, “Was this made just now? I can actually taste the vegetables!” Naylors Coleslaw Reduced Fat (RM9.90) The year-end is no time to diet, but if you’re really trying to cut some fats from your intake, then this option is great for you. Equally delicious, this coleslaw is a must-try for a guiltless treat.

Naylors Coleslaw Cheese (RM9.90) I’m down for cheese with ANYTHING and yes, that includes eating it with coleslaw. If it sounds a little weird to you, I can reassure you that it is far from weird. The cheese flavour complements the coleslaw perfectly and can be pretty addictive! Not only are these packets of Naylors food perfect for the holidays, it can also serve as a great meal for one if you’re looking for something heavier to snack on during the day. With a great shelf life of up to 6 months, you don’t have to rush to finish them all at one go - just make sure to keep them refrigerated! It’s great to see that even with a long shelf life, the product remains of the highest quality in terms of texture and taste. Best part is there are no preservatives in the product! For best before dates, it will be indicated on the packet itself. Overall, we believe Naylors coleslaw and potato salad packets possess a high quality premium taste we haven’t found in other off the shelf products. It is a bonus that it comes straight from a British farm and can be exported all around the world (and they chose Malaysia yay!). Love coleslaw and potato salad? Get your fix at Jaya Grocer now!

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