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Saychiizu, Mid Valley Megamall

Grilled. Cheese. Sandwich. The ultimate midnight snack. So simple, yet so so so satisfying.

We can all safely say that there’s definitely been several occasions where we’ve all crept to the fridge in the wee hours of the night and silently rejoiced as we managed to scrounge together the three basic ingredients to late night happiness; bread, butter, and a whole lot of cheese.

Never a disappointing snack. But our home cooking can only take us so far. 

When we heard about a shop dedicated to grilled cheese sandwiches, that special part of our heart dedicated to dairy leaped for joy. But not just any grilled cheese sandwich, Saychiizu specializes in Hokkaido grilled cheese sandwiches that come in four different flavors; Original Cheese (RM9.90), Charcoal Cheese (RM9.90), Milo Cheese (RM9.90), and Unicorn Fruit Toast (RM12.90).

We went with Original Cheese, Milo Cheese, and of course the Unicorn Fruit Toast (because how could you not??) 

Each sandwich is freshly grilled and prepped at the store itself and true to the first rule of any decent grilled cheese sandwich, is buttered on both sides. The original gives you all the taste you would expect from the savory snack but retains that pleasant and familiar sweetness that you get from any Hokkaido cheese dish. Also have we mentioned the pull on this cheese?? It’s insane. Makes for a great picture too!

Milo Cheese was an interesting choice for us. Coated with Milo on the outside, this flavor brings a wonderful and confusing taste of sweet and savory all at once in one dish. Chocolatey, malty and absolutely delicious. It was the perfect Malaysian touch to the classic snack. 

Then there’s the Unicorn Fruit Toast, five different colors of fruit flavored Hokkaido cheese, all made from 100% natural ingredients. Is it cheese? Is it fruit? Well, it’s a lot to process. Eating it is a slightly confusing experience, the Unicorn Fruit Toast definitely plays on the sweet and savory combination. You get that cheesy taste and texture, but you can also make out the fruit flavors that come with it. It’s worth the shot to try, if not for the taste, then definitely for the ‘gram!

Saychiizu also sells Cheese Drinks, which are basically cold beverages with a cheese flavoured foam topping. They’re available for RM8.90 each.

So if you’re ever in Mid Valley, and you get the hankering for that crusty cheesy snack, pop by Saychiizu and get your cravings satisfied!

Saychiizu, Mid Valley Megamall


Mid Valley City,

58000 Kuala Lumpur,

Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Operating hours:

Daily - 10.00am to 10.00pm

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