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I am..., Bukit Batok

One of our favourite Halal restaurant has opened up a new branch over at Bukit Batok so west-siders who don't like to venture very far from your area will have the chance to have a go at I am... and try Halal Dutch food.

We previously reviewed their first outlet over at Haji Lane and we were mind blown at how good the food was! Click here to check out some of the regular items on their menu.

As a westie, I'm glad they've opened up one more outlet closer to my home.

Here are some dishes that are specific to only the I am... at Bukit Batok.

We had the Horseradish Peach BBQ Beef Ribs ($34.90). At first glance, this would not be something I would order off the menu just because I'm not a super adventurous person. But I was so glad that I was persuaded to try this! By far, one of the best ribs I've ever had in my life.

The beef was so tender and slid off the bone effortlessly. I didn't even need a knife to eat this! And must have been something about the peach in this dish that made the meat so sweet. Don't try, sure regret!

The Garlic BBQ Beef Ribs ($34.90) is also only found here. I guess this would have been what I would have chosen if I wasn't feeling adventurous, but I honestly preferred the Horseradish Peach BBQ Beef Ribs.

These ribs were stronger in flavour and more savoury. It did not have that "sweet" note as compared to the other rib dish.

Another exclusive dish here is the Meatball Pasta ($16.90). This is a much simpler dish compared to the ribs but it has a very homey "feel" to it.

The meatballs and pasta tasted very homemade, perfect for those living around the area who's looking for a simple meal.

Here are some other stuff that are on the menu in all their outlets.

The Bitterballen ($10.90) is I am...'s Halal take on this famous Dutch dish. I've tried it once when I was in The Netherlands and didn't really like it. But this version piqued my interest. It somewhat tasted like the authentic Dutch version, but somehow tweaked to be more suited towards the Asian taste buds. Thumbs up for making this dish appealing to me!

We absolutely had to try some of the mocktails over here as the ones in the Haji Lane outlet were absolutely amazing.

I loved how the standard was kept in this outlet and the drinks all came out just as good as I thought it would be.

First up, we tried the Berry nice Bro ($6.90), a berry-licious drink with a cranberry base. Somehow, I thought it tasted similar to Ribena. Nonetheless, it was pretty good.

We also tried the Psychedelic Sarong ($6.90), a mix of lime juice, grenadine and blue curacao which sort gave off a cherry-like flavour.

My favourite one was the Ignite Sunset ($6.90) with its sourish notes made from a special "house concoction".

I know where I'd be on lazy weekend evenings for dinner now. If you ever spot me, come say hi!

I am...

HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok

2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7

#01-07 A/B

Singapore 659003

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