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Comida Mexicana, East Coast Rd

I would be a liar if I said I have always enjoyed Mexican food - for the longest time that combination of herbs, beans, and spices was viewed as strange and 'to-avoid' for someone with a more traditionally-Asian palate like myself. But after living in California for three years, that viewpoint shifted rather dramatically. I grew to love the unique, flavourful explosion of sweet and savoury that is very core of Mexican cuisine. In search of a great Mexican restaurant to indulge in in Singapore, I was very exited to head to Comida Mexicana with my colleague, Danny.

Towards the East, a little ways away from the Eunos MRT station stood this 40-some seater restaurant. A nice mix of modern and homey, the ambience was comfortable, pretty, and cozy. Like a traditional Mexican restaurant attempting to keep up with the times, and succeeding.

Met by Vivian Wee, owner, director, chef, and host extraordinaire, she proudly reassured us that the components that would make up the dishes for that night were sourced and handled not only personally, but from the best quality distributors she could find. Avocados from the United States, tomatoes from Australia, and majority of the sauces and flavouring were made in their very own kitchen. Needless to say, I was very much looking forward to the excellent quality of food to come.

First up we tried the Enrollados ($18), made from chicken, cheese, jalapenos, tomatoes and wrapped in tortilla before being deep-fried, served together with actual to-die-for enchilada gravy. The chicken was tender, combination of flavours was great, and although the tortilla was not as crispy as I would have liked, the gravy was 100% the star of the show. Had I not been in a public space... I'm pretty sure I would've licked that plate clean.

Second up was the Mash Avocado Sopes ($20). After having been spoiled by the incredible quality of avocados available in both Australia and the U.S., I have been more than a little disappointed by the quality of avos here in Singapore and Malaysia. So after learning the source of Comida's avos, I was very keen to try this dish out.

Basically a tortilla cup with a ton of guacamole and a bit of refried beans at the bottom, it was not 'fantastical' in the "ohmydays this is so special and unique" sort of way, but if you're an avo fan like me, it was good enough for me to devour more than one.

Then came what was probably the best dish of the night, the one that when I tried it I thought to myself "I cannot wait to write this review". The Crab and Avocado Quesadillas ($28). This dish is actually off the menu, but available for any that ask for it. And ask for it you should. Juicy, fresh, delicious grab with avocado and cheese pressed between two tortilla slices? What is there not to love? Quesadillas are probably my favourite Mexican dish, and crabs my favourite kind of seafood, add the two together and you get pure magic. If it is one thing that you must order here, it is this dish.

Normally, I am not a fan of pork but i love how juicy the meat was in our next dish, which was a pork based dish. Also, we enjoyed the humungous bit of jalapeño that comes along with it if you need a little bit of kick to the overall flavour of the dish.

The final savoury dish we tried was the Mexican Yucatan Chicken ($28). Five skewers of juicy, chunky, well-marinated chicken beautifully displayed in a fried tortilla bowl filled with salad. The chicken, surprise surprise, came from a special chicken farm where we were reassured that the meat quality was second-best to none. And it was quite evident from the sheer flavour that came from the meat itself. The tortilla bowl too, was excellent (if you really like fried food).

Last but not least, we tasted their Salted Caramel Pina Colada Bread Pudding ($15) that came with a cup of Chocolate Mexicana ($8). The bread pudding was definitely interesting - brioche soaked in dark rum and cream and served with homemade coconut ice-cream, and garnished with toasted coconut shavings. Unfortunately, because I am not a huge fan of coconut-tasting desserts I did not quite enjoy this particular dish, Danny on the other hand, was enjoying it as it resembled a bread butter pudding with crème anglaise but using coconut ice cream instead.

However, that said, I thought the Mexican chocolate was absolutely divine. Sweet, but not overpoweringly rich and with a hint of cinnamon, 10/10 would drink again. The perfect way to end an excellent meal, and to leave us waddling home like pregnant ducks.

Overall, I had an enjoyable experience at Comida. The quality of the ingredients certainly shone through their various manipulations of the dishes and I would definitely be back for more in the future.

Comida Mexicana

404 East Coast Road

+65 64408030

Operating Hours:

Tuesdays to Sundays

11:30am - 3pm; 6pm - 10pm

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