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Eats in the City, One Raffles Place

Having worked in the CBD area before, we are generally spoiled for choice on what to grab for lunch. I had a little tour in One Raffles Place to see what’s the latest that this place has to offer since their renovation. Let's have a look at what you can find in the area.

Seattle Pike

Seattle Pike claims to have the best Clam Chowder in town, and boy were they right! I dug into to their huge bread bowl of clam chowder. I loved that it was rich and creamy and did not carry such a strong seafood taste. This comes in a salmon flavour as well, which had a good smokey taste.

If you are looking for something adventurous, give the Lobster Roll a try. The bun was really soft as I believe they used a brioche bread and that the lobster was fresh and juicy.


The concept at UrbanMix is to be able eat healthy and to combine ingredients from all over the world in one bowl. Depending on your own mood, you get to decide what goes into your bowl. Probably the only place in town where you could find kim chi fried rice with some curry couscous (that sounds weird, I know, but delicious nonetheless)

Happy Tummy

If you are looking for something more traditional, Happy Tummy has a myriad of ingredients for your choosing. Usually I am not much of a salad person, but just a few bites in had me filled in for the next couple of hours.

Jewel Coffee

Having to be in the office at 9am every morning is a challenge we are all familiar with. Personally, I had a cup of their ice latte which I thoroughly enjoyed and it had its own blend of flavours from what I usually get at other coffee joints. If you are looking for something unique from give Jewel Coffee a try.

April's Bakery

Originating from Bangkok, April’s Bakery specialises hand-made Cantonese-style pies that are baked on a daily basis. The fusion of modern flavours and traditional pastries creates a fascinating combination makes a perfect afternoon snack. They have pies that come in assorted unique flavours such as Tokyo Banana, Thai Milk Tea, Taro, Red Bean, Green Tea, Custard, Pumpkin and Coconut all at a reasonable price of $2 a pop.

One Raffles Place

1 Raffles Place,

Singapore 048616

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