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Kumoya, Jalan Klapa

Further up away from the hustle and bustle of Arab Street and Haji Lane, we found Kumoya tucked along Jalan Klapa.

Just a while back, the cafe was decked with the Sanrio character, Cinnamoroll, all over its interior as well as its food. But now it has resumed its normal setting, and even on a weekday night, the place was packed!

Due to their limited tables available, we highly suggest you give a call to make a reservation before heading over, especially if you’re going in a big group.

The inside of the cafe spots a white and blue theme deco, which I thought looked very clean and modern. And the atmosphere was just amazing here, as people were celebrating their birthdays and families and friends got together to have a nice dinner and dessert.

Oh, did I also mention that this cafe is Halal?

Since the place was crowded, we decided to order some drinks before we found a table to fit all three of us.

We tried some of their recommended Fresh Soda ($7.50) and got the lychee (left) and red berries (right) flavoured ones. I personally preferred the lychee one because it was more flavourful compared to the red berries, which was a little too bland for my taste. But definitely a refreshing and light drink to have if you have plans to have a heavy meal.

We also tried their Cold Matcha Latte ($7). I thought this was the best among the drinks we ordered but did not stand out too much compared to other matcha lattes out there. It was definitely bursting with matcha goodness, though!

For starters, we decided to go with something safe and easily enjoyable – Nacho Cheese with Mayonnaise Fries ($9.90). I’m not sure if the fries were made in-house but, dang were those some good fries! It even still has bits of potato skin on it. However, I felt that there wasn’t enough of the nacho cheese sauce and mayonnaise. To be fair, it could’ve just been me swiping up all the sauce, not leaving enough for the fries at the bottom.

There are some quite quirky mains here. One of which is the Soft Shell Crab Pancake ($17.90). I’ve really got to say that the pancakes here are absolutely divine… so soft and fluffy! I did enjoy the tempura soft shell crab, crispy on the inside and oh-so soft and warm in the inside. I thought the tempura capsicum and brulee pineapple that came with it was a nice touch too.

Just my personal opinion, but I thought that some maple syrup would’ve made the dish stand out a little more, as the wasabi mayo that came on the side only went well with the softshell crab but not with the pancakes.

The Pasta Aglio E Olio with Smoked Duck ($14.90) was an easily enjoyable dish. Though it really didn’t stand out much, I can still see myself eating this when I’m in the mood for something simple. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or bad, but the pasta wasn’t as garlicky as I thought it would be. I know aglio olio pastas are supposed to be super garlicky, but because this wasn’t, it didn’t overpower the taste of the smoked duck.

Here’s a Japanese take to the all-time favourite Southern dish – fried chicken and waffles. The Waffles with Sweet Shoyu Glaze Karaage Chicken ($16.90) is another dish I would definitely come back for again.

Since all the dishes came at the same time and we only got to this at the very end (and after taking all the pictures), by the time we dug in, the waffles were a little soft. I’m guessing that this wouldn’t be the case if you ate it the moment you are served. The karaage was surprisingly still crispy despite it being covered in a glaze. I’d say the karaage is definitely worth a try!

I was so excited for dessert because I could see a lot of people walking in here just for desserts and ordering really elaborate bowls of soft served yogurts with fanciful toppings.

Kumoya is well-known for their yogurt parfaits. We initially wanted to try the Sakura ($14.90) but, it was unfortunately sold out. With the amount of people coming in for desserts, I’m not surprised they ran out.

Instead, we had the Yuzu ($15.90). Personally, ever since I made my trip to South Korea back in February, I’ve been in love with everything yuzu. This dessert definitely did not disappoint. A side of yuzu sauce was served on the side and I thought complimented the plain soft-served yogurt.

The dessert came with a small slice of soufflé cheesecake, which was definitely not enough for me because it was so delicious! I was hoping that they would serve just the cheesecake itself so I could get a slice on its own, but unfortunately I didn’t spot it in the menu. The ‘sparkling’ ginger sable crumble that filled the plate was so good and buttery. Just amazing. This is another must try on my list.

Since we had such a good impression of the savoury pancakes, we decided to also order a sweet dessert version. In my opinion, the Tiramisu Pancakes ($15.90) wasn’t as good as the Yuzu Yogurt Parfait.

The pancakes were soft and fluffy, just as expected and it nicely soaked up the shot of espresso that I poured all over the dessert. The tiramisu soufflé cheesecake that came with this was the highlight for me. I was think that since the cheesecakes in the desserts are yummy, Kumoya should start selling them by the slice!

All that glitters is gold. Gold dusted almond flakes were also found in this dessert and gave it a nice crunch.


8 Jln Klapa,

Singapore 199320

Tel: +65 6297 3727

Opening hours:

Sunday, Tuesday to Thursday - 12pm to 9pm

Friday & Saturday - 12pm to 10.30pm

Closed on Monday

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