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Wanderlust Hotel, Singapore

I don't know about you, but I like to pamper myself every once in a while with a nice staycation.

This time, I was just done with my busy period at work and decided that a much deserved stay away from home was in order.

I ended up booking a Mono Deluxe room ($450++ per night) over at Wanderlust hotel in Little India area.

I stepped in the lobby and was greeted with mismatched furniture at the waiting lounge area and a foosball table for people to play while waiting to check in (or for men to entertain themselves while waiting for their partners to get ready).

Just ahead the waiting area is this beautiful bar.

And just behind it, is Audace -- a restaurant located inside of Wanderlust. I swear to God, this place has served me one of the best lunches ever (after living in Singapore for about six years).

I was surprised, because you usually wouldn't expect much from food served in hotels. But every dish I had was more amazing than the next and I thought the prices weren't too expensive for a hotel restaurant too. (Check out our review on Audace here)

After my amazing lunch, I checked in and went up to my room to continue my perfect, lazy Saturday.

Watch a walk through of the hotel room here.

I loved how quirky the interior of the room looked with its cutouts on the wall fitted with back lights. Something different and much cuter compared to most five-star hotels you see out there.

Another thing I loved about Wanderlust was its location, which was right in the middle of Little India and just a short walk away from Jalan Besar. If you're a true foodie like me, you'd go gallivanting around the area in search for some of Singapore's best foods.

Maybe it was just me, but I felt that the air conditioning in the room wasn't as cold as I liked to be. But other than that, I had quite a good sleep.

The next morning, I had my breakfast at Audace once more. I was really excited, because I was served an amazing meal the previous day.

Once again, they did not disappoint, the breakfast that comes with your room stay includes a small buffet with juices and breads as well as eggs done the way you like them.

I went with the Mimosa Eggs (or also known as deviled eggs), which came highly recommended. And it was amazing. If I didn't already have lunch plans, i would've ordered another plate!

I also liked that the breakfast came with a fresh smoothie. You'd get to pick your choice of fruit and milk.

Wanderlust offers five types of rooms: Pantone, Pantone Deluxe, Mono, Mono deluxe and Whimsical, ranging from $300++ to $650++ per night. I know to most, the prices might seem a little over the top for a boutique hotel, but I just checked their website and if you book early and during non-peak periods, you may get a cheaper price to the rooms.

Check out the room availability and book your stay here.


2 Dickson Rd,

Singapore 209494

Tel: +65 6396 3322

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