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Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, Nusajaya JB

In all fairness, Sanrio Hello Kitty Town was built for kids in mind. I'm not sure if they anticipated the number of crazy female adults that still want to indulge in this childhood character in a theme park. But I was ready for anything. I just wanted to be surrounded by the mouthless cat for a while - so sue me.

I know one of the most popular colours when it comes to Hello Kitty is pink but mannnn, I didn't expect the whole town to be quite this pink!

Nonetheless, I was so excited to get to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, I was literally jumping up and down at the entrance.

There is only one ride in the theme park (which is located on the first floor of a building). And we promptly got on the ride. The teacup ride is really mild and we took the opportunity to snap lots of pictures, of course.

The rest of the theme park is a little more engaging - you walk around the Hello Kitty "house" and get to take lots of pictures of the massively Hello Kitty-fied rooms.

We started off in a parlour with a piano and dining table.

Then moved onto the bathroom with a huge Hello Kitty bathtub - you can actually get in it but please do take your shoes off first.

Then you are led into a Hello Kitty bedroom and closet area. We went on a Sunday morning just as the theme park opened, so we didn't have to fight with anyone to take pictures.

Towards the end of the theme park, there is a Cinnamoroll Cafe. We didn't sample anything here. We were a little too distracted by the Hello Kitty in Oz attraction.

This attraction has scheduled entrances - you have to go in groups and it's only once an hour. Once you're in, you're given a short briefing and a Hello Kitty device.

There are games located around the Oz Playland. You'll have to win at least 3 games to win a prize. They're surprisingly challenging for a kids' attraction! Parental supervision is advised.

I enjoyed the way they did up the whole place, making you feel like Dorothy, exploring your way out of a maze.

The whole experience was one that was fun for me as a grown woman, although I gave the activities like cookie decorating and colouring a pass. It's enough to spend half the morning at but is best enjoyed if you're bringing your kids/nieces/nephews here.

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town Nusajaya, JB Persiaran Puteri Selatan, 79100 Nusajaya Open daily from 10AM - 6PM

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