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Red Bow Cafe, Sanrio Hello Kitty Town Nusajaya JB

Here's a little known fact (to some) about me: I *used* to love Hello Kitty very much. I say used to because the love has probably dwindled to a like as I've grown out of it. But some part of me will always have a fondness towards the mouthless cat.

So obviously when I was visiting JB, I had to drop by Sanrio Hello Kitty Town but I was also pleasantly surprised to find a Hello Kitty themed cafe at the premises.

We stopped by for a quick snack and had a couple of lattes. It's nice to cool down with a drink after all that excitement in Hello Kitty town.

I couldn't resist trying the Nutella milkshake too, which was packed full of the sinfully sweet chocolatey hazelnut spread. To top it all off, we got a Hello Kitty white chocolate piece.

There are also plenty of cakes and desserts to try here. We didn't have space for much but we managed to capture some of the desserts on display.

We did, however, get to try their ice cream waffle, which was full of marshmallows and sprinkles and even more white chocolate. What a sweet treat that was!

Overall, I was so delighted to have made the trip to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and get to try the Red Bow Cafe offerings. Though, next time I'll probably want to have a taste of their hot foods too!

Red Bow Cafe 2, Persiaran Puteri Selatan, Kota Iskandar, 79100 Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia Open daily from 10AM-6PM

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