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Hotdogs Inc., PoMo Singapore

If you're a fan of wieners (and who isn't), then you will want to make a special trip down to PoMo to try out Hotdogs Inc. It is sure to satisfy your every whim and fancy because there's something for everyone here from plain ol' sausages to your fancy gourmet hotdogs. We got to try all kinds of sausages as well as other delectable pork offerings here and were impressed by the affordable options.

You won't find yourself short of pork dishes to choose from here. Try the traditional german curry sausage, which was so moreish, I couldn't help eating a whole portion to myself and also their pork salami stick ($2.50), which is a decent sharing portion for a side and is absolutely delicious. You can also find classic sides like their truffle fries ($5.80), potato salad ($3), braised sauerkraut ($3) and roasted potatoes with onion ($3) - which is my favourite of the lot.

Get to sample all kinds of sausages here like pork, chicken and beef. But more importantly, indulge in their pork knuckle ($12), which is a sinful treat that you can't miss. The crispy pork knuckle is a generous portion.

When we finally got to the hotdogs, we were actually quite stuffed from the sides and snacks and of course, the pork knuckle. But we could still appreciate their Kurobuta Pork roll (top - $8.80) and Lady's Secret Delight (bottom - $9.80).

If you're a super big eater, get your fix with Man's Jumbo Special, which comes in either a beef, chicken or pork option for onyl $14.80. This would be quite a sizeable portion for small eaters, so be sure to bring some friends along the next time you're here to be able to try all of Hotdogs Inc's offerings.

Hotdogs Inc Ground Floor 1 Selegie Road, #01-23, PoMo, Singapore 188306 Open Mon-Fri: 11AM-9PM Saturday: 11AM-5PM Closed on Sundays

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