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Cake Baby, Perth

Everyone has a preference to either savory, rich or spicy dishes. And then there are those who (just like me!) have a sweet tooth the size of a ship. Even if you're firmly in the sweet-is-better-than-savory camp, it's likely that you have major preferences over what kind of sugary treat is best.

Cake Baby, a home based dessert house covers a wide spectrum of all things heavenly, personalised for any occasion.

When I was little, my favourite part of attending birthday parties were the cakes and the party packs. The thought of getting a little surprise always added to the experience.

When I received this delivery from Cake Baby, it felt like a giant party pack filled with with all sorts of sparkly fun surprises. The bespoke desserts box starting from $65 is their latest collaboration with the Inventors Hub, who supplied their personalised mini foodievstheworld and hashtag smile toppers.

Thrown in are some girly looking cake pops, cherry jello shots, rice crispy treats topped with gold flakes, candies, biscuits, cupcakes, a drop dead gorgeous cheesecake and a jar of caramel. Yes, you heard that right! Ooh, and there were pretzels dipped in icing as well to add to this unicorn feast.

You can place your dessert orders online and if you carefully plan your week right you may actually be able to finish all of these tasty babies. Start with their $2 onwards mini cupcakes, or perhaps the standard sized ones starting from $4, depending on the decorations and flavours added. Gluten free and vegan selections are also offered, more "yay" for everyone.

All of the treats were indulging and rich in flavour. My favourite would have to be the baked vanilla cheesecake. It was moist and not too heavy with a slight sweet crunch from the caramel sprinkle. The base was not too sweet, giving the cake a good balance. I thought that the portion was really not enough, especially after sharing it with my partner who ate half of it in two bites!

Speaking of cake, customers can order from over eight flavours and 24 fillings including vanilla buttercream, salted caramel, fruit jams, berries and Nutella. Catering for a crowd between 10 to 60 people, you can get a cake for $100 onwards.

Contrary to popular belief, desserts are good for the soul. They make you happy, they aid in stressful times and they make every occasion complete. Cake Baby's delectable treats will surely be the cause of a permanent #smile because their cakes are made with a whole lot of love, there is even a rose in the box to prove it.

Cake Baby Perth


Instagram page: @cakebaby_perth

Tel: (08) 0402230774

Email :

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