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RAMEN DAYO! Glasgow City Centre

Photo by Samad | Ramen Dayo! shop front! Loving the display of their push cart from their first pop up in Laneway. Gives it a cool character right?

Konnichiwa! I did it! I found the best ramen in Glasgow! Yup, you heard me. The best ramen place in this city is in fact Ramen Dayo! on Queen Street in the city centre.

I've gone to Ramen Dayo! a few times, from when they were a pop-up on laneway, to when they were in the basement of Max's Bar. They now have their own establishment and I couldn't be more big proud as a fan of theirs and of ramen!

The restaurant looks super awesome. Probably one of the funkiest places in Glasgow. Well-decorated with Japanese themed lighting, posters and seating inspired by ramen spots in Japan! They also have a screen in the restaurant that plays Studio Ghibli films on repeat! What more could you ask for!!! (Although they weren't playing the movies while I was there, but they did when they were temporarily in Max's Bar. So, I'm assuming they're bringing back the same concept.)

​Photo by Samad | Awesome decorations! Makes you feel like you're entering a Japanese alleyway

​Photo by Samad | Thanks Ramen Dayo! for making my inner-otaku grin with delight​

​Photo by Samad | Some nice corners in Ramen Dayo!

We (my 3 friends and I) sat at the back where we got a view of the chefs in the kitchen and also a wee bit of privacy and distance from crowd noise as the table at the back had ample space surrounding it.

​Photo by Samad | Very huge and private corner at the back of the restaurant.

​Photo by Samad | View from my seat

​Photo by Samad | The official menu (link to full menu here : Ramen-Dayo menu)

So for dinner, I ordered the Deluxe-dayo Tonkotsu ramen. This consisted of noodles, creamy 20-hour pork broth, pork belly, soft boil eggs, seaweed and bits and bobs like spring onions. Now this was deluxe because I was served DOUBLE the portion of everything. Yes. Because I'm greedy and I love ramen. We also ordered Chicken Gyoza dumplings to share amongst us.

Ramen is all about broth, am I right? Ramen-dayo does a good job with their 20-hour pork broth! My deluxe-dayo tonkotsu was delicious, fatty, creamy and not too salty, which is something I always worry about with broths. This is a dish for those with a big stomach or for those seeking warmth from cold weather (which is most of the year in Glasgow anyway). I successfully finished 90% of my gigantic bowl of ramen and shared my last sips of broth and pork belly with my friends who happily assisted me in finishing it.

The chicken gyoza dumplings were cooked fresh and were piping hot when i bit into it! Be extra careful as it could burn your tongue (learnt this from experience).

I also ordered the Lychee-hi cocktail which was "chuhai" Japanese liquor mixed with soda water and lychee. Super refreshing and surprisingly not too sweet. It was a little bit bitter in fact. I loved it.

If cocktails aren't so much you thing, Asahi beers are available too.

​Photo by Samad | Look at this gorgeous dinner of mine

​Photo by Samad | Close up of the Tonkotsu Deluxe Dayo! Those eggs were cooked to perfection

​Photo by Samad | These dumpling were made fresh and so tasty. Perfect for sharing as sides.

They unfortunately do not have much options for dessert, but they do have ice cream! Matcha, black sesame seeds and red bean. I ordered matcha as well as the black sesame seeds and generally liked both. The sesame ice cream is a bit more unique in flavour. I would've liked the matcha to be as bitter as actual matcha but regardless, it was yummy!

​Photo by Samad | Matcha on the left, black sesame on the right

The staff members were very friendly and accommodating to their customers, which was great. The only thing I will comment on is that the service was a bit slow - maybe about 30-45min of waiting for our dishes? Ramen is a quick dish to prepare since everything is usually prepped beforehand. But I understand that it could be because they only just opened this establishment and are still trying to get into their work routine. But if they improved on the timing it takes from orders to serving, that would be perfect!

Over all, I paid about £24 for my dinner. Is this expensive? Yes. But are there many good ramen places in Glasgow? No. So once in a while, to treat your eyes, mouth and tummy, spend your £££ on deliciousness like ramen from Ramen Dayo! It's definitely worth a visit if you're a big fan of Japanese food. Ramen Dayo! Glasgow City Centre 25 Queen Street, Glasgow, United Kingdom G1 3EF Opening hours: Mon-Sun : 12pm - 10pm Phone no: 0141 328 3202

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