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Enfin by James Won Lunch Menu, Kuala Lumpur

Stepping into Enfin by James Won is like entering a sleek and modern dining lounge.

The first thing you see is the impressive collection of fine whiskies and cognac, then you notice the sheen of the smooth polished marble bar, the chrome panelled ceiling, the plush chairs, and rose gold accents.

Enfin bar night shot by Bonnie Yap

The dining area is just as impressive with its high ceiling, full length windows, wine-coloured carpet, wooden walls the colour of rich honey, and a chrome spiral staircase.

Enfin oozes style and class, and you suddenly feel your credit card heat up in anticipation of the bill to come.

Enfin dining area shot by Bonnie Yap

But not to worry, Enfin's new three-course degustation lunch menu allows you to enjoy the splendor of dining at a fine dining restaurant at an affordable price.

Chef James Won successfully adds a touch of class to classic lunch favourites.

He not only showcases the best of Malaysian produce, but he also adds a twist to otherwise familiar dishes.

Enfin's three course degustation menu will cost you RM128 with an addition RM89 for a glass of champagne and wine.

If you're feeling particularly peckish, I recommend you order a plate of Artisan Bread with Butter and Three Salts (an additional RM12).

The bread is baked fresh and has a lovely crust on the outside and soft on the inside, it is definitely one of the best bread I've had.

I love the richness of the butter and the different textures of the three salts, each one with a different degree of saltiness.

If you're looking for something light and fresh, Enfin's Prawn and Beetroot Salad is the dish for you.

It is Chef James Won's version of a prawn cocktail. It features prawns, different types of tomatoes plucked fresh from Enfin's farm, different textures of beetroot, romaine lettuce and herbs salad.

The prawns are fresh and perfectly grilled. The tomatoes incredibly sweet and juicy, it practically pops in your mouth. I love the freshness and earthiness of the beetroot, and the combination of it pickled raw and having it crisp.

The dish was clean and not overly dressed, and it is invigorating to the palate.

Enfin's Fisherman's Stew Pot is a hearty dish that has an incredibly rich and complex broth.

Chef James Won managed to transform this staple dish into a modern one by incorporating our local rice wine (tuak), rather than using white wine. By using tuak, I feel that it makes the broth and seafood taste sweeter.

I love the juicy and plump seafood that is soaked in the broth, the texture of the diced onion, and the intense and delicious tuak broth.

Enfin offers a variety of seafood as part of their lunch menu. Diners are spoilt for choice with Enfin's selection of seafood ranging from Northsea White Cod, Tarakihi, Norwegian Salmon, King Crab, Yabbies and Wild Sea Tiger Prawn.

You can also decide how you want your seafood cooked: pan seared, poached, steamed, fried in batter or chargrilled.

The seafood can be paired with a choice of pasta, vegetable or salad and a sauce of their choice.

I tried the King Crab that was chargrilled with garlic parsley butter and finished with a squeeze of lemon.

I love the char and the taste of the grill, and the rich garlicky herby butter adds so much flavour to the delicate crab meat.

I also tasted the Northsea White Cod served with housemade squid ink pasta and blanched vegetables.

The typical firmness of White Cod that falls in large flakes made it easy to be eaten with the pasta.

The fish is cooked perfectly with a crispy skin, the pasta was delicious and cooked al dente, and the vegetables are incredibly fresh and crunchy.

I tried the dish with sauce vierge that adds a slight tartness and depth of flavour to the dish. If you prefer a richer sauce, the truffle beurre meuniere also goes well with this dish.

Enfin also serves up a mean Fish and Chips! Norwegian Cod was deep fried in an incredibly light and airy batter, it is crunchy and crisp and the fish is soft and silky.

The chips are hand cut with skins on and double fried. The chips are nice and crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, just the way I like it.

This classic dish is served with Enfin's tartar sauce and wasabi mayonaise that really takes the dish to another level, both sauces are divine.

We ended our tasting with a tarte tatin with pandan ice cream. The caramel is infused with lavender and is beautifully caramalised. You can also taste the slight tartness from the apples.

I love it because it is not too sweet and it is paired beautifully with the freshness of the pandan ice cream.

Overall, it was an exciting dining experience with some unexpected twists, I loved everything I tried.

I am a fan of Chef James Won's modern take on classic dishes, plus he certainly knows how to hero Malaysia's fresh produce.

Enfin's lunch menu is definitely value for money. For the price you're paying, you will get to enjoy a good meal that is prepared with traditional French cooking techniques in a classy restaurant.

If you're looking to treat yourself to a fancy lunch, look no further than Enfin!

Enfin by James Won

Menara Hap Seng,

Lot 2-05, level, 2.01,

Jalan P Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur,

50250 Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: +60 10-288 7920

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 11am to 2am

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