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Brasaria, Jaya One

The next time you're looking for a casual dining spot with (semi) clean eats, you might want to Waze yourself to Brasaria. With their roasted charcoal chicken and irresistible aji sauces, you're in for one helluva Peruvian treat.

And you get the cutest llama in town greeting you at the front door too! The concept here is simple - it's good, authentic Peruvian food. And no, don't mistake this to be like Nando's! Yes, it may seem similar, but they are worlds apart.

Firstly, the sides here are served in generous portions that many big eaters will appreciate. If you're looking for a healthy substitute for fries, fry their roasted sweet potatoes and pineapples. The sweet combo will surely give a nice contrast to the chicken. Otherwise, the corn is also a good option. Oh, and for such big portions, all sides are only RM5!

But if you're into something a little more savoury, hit up their roasted mixed vegetables which happens to be one of the best tasting roasted mixed vegetables we've ever tried!

But if all else fails (just like the diet we always attempt to go on), just go with the fries. You absolutely cannot go wrong with fries. You might want to even order two portions of this just so you can enjoy more of their dipping sauces.

While we were at Brasaria, we also got to try their chicken skewers (RM14.90). Now, we tend to be a little apprehensive when it comes to skewers because the chicken meat tends to get dry. But Brasaria definitely knows their way around chicken, keeping these little cubes of meat as tender and juicy as possible!

Sandwiches are also an option here at Brasaria and served with a side of chips. But truth be told, the other dishes here at Brasaria totally outshone the sandwiches.

A shining example of a dish that stands out would be their pesto (RM14.90). I don't get to eat a lot of pesto because of my allergy to pine nuts (specifically pine nuts from China) but surprisingly after tasting a small bite of this, I was totally fine and could even enjoy the flavour, which made the dish highly enjoyable.

Now for the true star of the show - Brasaria's chicken (starting from RM13.50) is easily the most tender chicken we've ever tried (no, we're not exaggerating). Squeeze a little lime over and you've got yourself a winner winner chicken dinner!

But what we totally couldn't get over - and still rave about to anyone who will listen - till today, is their aji sauces which come in mild, spicy and BBQ. Go for the spicy if you like a little party on your tastebuds. We asked for seconds and thirds and fourths!

For something a little on the heavy side, you can also try their chicken pie (RM14.90) with mild aji sauce drizzled generously over the crust.

Finally, for dessert, we were served a Peruvian classic - tres leches (RM5). If you've got a sweet tooth then this is for you. The cake is milky and moist and with a layer of sprinkles on top, you'll feel like it's your birthday!

Brasaria D-59-G, Block D, Jaya One,

46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia Open daily from 11:30PM - 9PM

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