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A'Challtainn Fish Restaurant and Bar, East Glasgow

​Photo by Samad | The indoor courtyard within the Barras Art and Design, where A'Challtainn is nicely located

Within the new and funky Barras Art and Design space lies a seafood treasure that is worth hunting for! A'Challtainn is a seafood restaurant nestled in the east side of Glasgow, amongst the historic Barras market.

I went over with my friend for lunch and to catch the V. William vs Muruguza Wimbledon final match on Saturday -- yes, they were displaying the finals live on a huge LED screen in the arched glass courtyard space!

​Photo by Samad | This is the view from the indoor space on the mezzanine floor

Speaking of space, let me tell you a little about what beautiful interior design A'Challtainn has! You can be seated downstairs where the kitchen and seafood/oyster bar is or upstairs on the mezzanine floor with either the view of the arched courtyard or outdoor container beer garden with beautiful murals by local Glaswegian artists. Truly a tastefully designed environment.

​Photos by Samad | Above is a photo of the menu and below, the food that we ordered

Now, let's move on to the food. For lunch, I ordered the Pan-seared Hake with mango, onion and coriander salsa and peppered rocket leaves with a side of hand cut chips. While, my pal ordered the Sea Reared Trout with Parmentier potatoes, kale, green pea, herb oil and white wine cream. I also had a glass of Savignon Blanc to compliment my fish.

​Photos by Samad | Above is my pan-seared hake and below is my friend's sea reared trout

First of all, gorgeous presentation! The food came with such pretty arrangements and you can tell that it was freshly made upon order. My Hake with Mango Salsa was delicious! Very fluffy in texture with a good balanced mixture of fishy saltiness from the hake and sweetness from the mango salsa. I'd like to also mention that the hand cut chips that came with the dish were gigantic! I didn't expect the sheer size of them but they were delicious and seasoned well.

​Photos by Samad |

My dessert of passionfruit sorbet, chocolate caramel custard/mousse, hibiscus jelly and berries

For dessert, the staff of A'Challtainn presented us with two dessert specials other than the ones available on the menu and of course, we had to try it! So, I ordered a special consisting of passion fruit sorbet with chocolate caramel custard/mousse, hibiscus jelly and berries. This was an amazing marriage of flavours! The sourness from the passionfruit, sweetness from the chocolate together with the light textures from the hibiscus jelly and berries blended so perfectly! The fish was great but the dessert was a perfect end to my meal!

​Photos by Samad | The view from the mezzanine floor; you can see the LED screen

Over all, I paid £32 for my whole meal. I admit it is a bit on the pricey side for lunch in town, but you definitely get what you pay for! Beautiful atmospheric restaurant, wonderful and friendly service, and delicious fresh seafood presented in a glorious manner. I loved it and would definitely go back for more! I highly recommend that you give it a try whenever you're in town.

If the weather is in your favour and the sun is shining, why not grab a pint of beer and lounge in the awesome container beer garden just outside A'Challtainn.

Photos by Samad | Seats on the mezzanine floor

A'Challtainn Fish Restaurant and Bar, Glasgow East Side Barras Art and Design Glasgow,

54 Calton Entry,


G40 2SB Opening Hours Wed - Sat : 12pm - 12am

Sun : 12pm - 7pm

Mon - Tue : CLOSED General Enquiries: Restaurant Enquires: T: 0141 237 9220 IG: achalltainn FB: BarrasArtAndDesign

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