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10 O'clock Cookie Bakery Café, Masterton, New Zealand

Awarded as the best bakery in New Zealand (2016), 10 O’clock Cookie Bakery Café has a lot to live up to! Many take a detour through Masterton when travelling through the Wairarapa just to savor their sweet treats.

And from my experience, it is 100% worth the effort! And it’s not a very hard place to find, just look for the busiest café on the street!

As soon as you enter the bakery, you are greeted with cabinets upon cabinets of deliciousness! Cakes, pastries and cookies fill one cabinet; wraps, sandwiches and quiches fill another; and hot pies fill yet another.

They also have a corner dedicated to freshly baked breads and whole cakes, and even a chiller for gelato. You are spoilt for choice!

10 O’clock Cookie also serves hearty warm food that can be ordered off the menu and of course coffee. You can find the menu displayed on a giant blackboard behind the counter. To try it all is of course impossible in one sitting, so we are already planning on our next trip back!

For mains, we went with a Hawaiian Chicken Burger ($16.50) and a Paleo Brunch Salad ($16.50). The chicken burger was served with a side of wedges and was exactly as you expect it to be. It’s a safe and tasty option for those less adventurous foodies out there.

If this is how the other half lives, I'm in! This Paleo Brunch Salad could convince me to go on a Paleo diet. The warm sweet potatoes, mushroom, bacon and tomatoes; the nuttiness from honeyed almonds; and richness from the avocado, all topped with a poached egg makes this dish hearty and delicious!

A Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap ($9) is great for those on the go and after a quick, healthy and enjoyable lunch.

Now time for my favourite meal of the day, dessert! And of course one is never enough!

We started with two Éclair ($4.90 each)! The first was a Raspberry Éclair filled with whipped cream and fresh raspberries. A classic combination that never fails.

The Blueberry and Lemon Éclair is one I could go back for time and time again! The tartness of lemons and blueberries were so well balanced with the sweet icing. The choux pastry was delightfully light and fluffy!

Cronuts are not easily sourced in New Zealand, so I was pleased to see this available. I have yet to try one that lives up to all its worldwide hype, until now.

10 O’clock Cookie’s Custard Cronuts ($5.40) are to die for! A deep-fried sugary exterior, filled with a creamy custard centre. It was surprising light and wasn't as oily as the ones I have previously tried before. If you have to only try one thing from 10 O’clock Cookie, let it be their Custard Cronut!

We also tried 10 O'clock Cookie's Cherry and Custard pie ($4.90), Citron Tart ($4.90) and I thought were simple flavours done right.

Lastly, we had the Petite Chocolate Gateaux ($8.00), which left me a little disappointed. It was a basic chocolate cake that lacked anything special, which I found was not worth the price.

I wished that we could have tried everything at 10 O’clock Cookie, but we sure gave it a good go in this visit! This is a detour I would gladly make everyday if I could!

Ten O’clock Cookie Bakery Café

180 Queen Street


Open Monday to Friday 7am – 4.30pm, Saturday 8am – 4pm

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