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What to do in Langkawi: Upsidow House & Food Court

You know when you were younger, you would always enjoy holidays that involved going to some kind of attraction and spending the day there, going on fun rides and taking photos? I think for some parts of my teenagehood, during the darkest days of rebellion, I rejected the idea of going anywhere that involved taking any photos.

But as time went on and I entered adulthood, I missed that part of childhood that allowed me to release my inhibitions and just... have fun. I was reminded of that when I went to Langkawi this year. I stayed at Tubotel, a colourful repurposed drain pipe hotel. It brought out my colourful side. Then, I visited the Upsidow House, which totally unleashed my inner child.

The Upsidow House and food court is a place you would go to with friends to chill out and enjoy a day of pure, unadulterated fun. No alcohol on the premises because it is on Malay land, but you can still have very good, clean fun here.

Just walking around the area to see all the repurposed and upcycled stuff is fun in itself. But once you enter the Upsidow House, it is hard to leave.

It was my first time going into an upside down house. I had heard about it in other places but I was surprised to learn that Langkawi not only had one, they had two. But Upsidow, being new, had more appeal, of course. Not only that, they had a very special installation I was super excited about.

The Upsidow House is not one to be written extensively about - but one that should be experienced by the reader personally. But if you have read my previous post on Tapaz, a restaurant at Perdana Quay in Langkawi, then you would know that its owner, Alex, who also owns Upsidow, loves to get hands on with his projects.

In Upsidow, he personally had his own Peugeot turned upside down and installed! It was insane and the first of its kind in Malaysia!

When Alex starts a project and puts his mind to it, you can be sure it will be done perfectly, down to the very last detail. Just check out the kitchen I'm sitting down in!

We got to Upsidow an hour before the sun set and we had spent so much time laughing and playing around in Upsidow that by the time we emerged, it was time for the sunset. Upsidow, being a standalone building at the top of the hill with nothing blocking it, affords its visitors an unparalleled view of the sunset from its rooftop.

Once you're done enjoying the sunset, head on down to the food court where all kinds of affordable cuisine is ready for order. We enjoyed all kinds of foods from hotdogs to pizzas to pastas to burgers. The casual dining establishment really is one that the whole family can enjoy.

Upsidow Langkawi 37, Jalan Padang Matsirat, Kampung Yooi, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia Open daily from 11AM - 9PM

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